10 DIY Gifts For The Baller On A Budget

Broke as a joke but big into spreading the holiday cheer? We feel you. The good news is, money really isn't a requirement for giving the best gifts ever. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole lotta love. Not convinced? We have 10 ideas for you right here: Write a Letter (Or Seven)

I have never heard of anyone not loving a handwritten letter. Extra points if you write multiple--either for multiple days or multiple occasions in your loved one's life.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Seriously, what is more fun than a scavenger hunt? Make it a competition: Between the two of you, see who can check of more things the fastest.

Create a Coupon Book

Give them the gift of you and create a coupon book of services. You don't have to, like, wash their dog or anything, but a one-hour vent sesh about their ex-ex-boyfriend? That's something anyone would want to cash in.

Make Art

It doesn't matter if you're a talented artist or not--the world could always use more art. Plus, can't you just make scribbles and call it "modern art"? Easy.

Play Chef

The saying goes that there are few better gifts than food because it's something truly selfless--spending so much time and money on something that will just go away. So go ahead, whip out some puppy chow or grill a mean steak. No one hates food.

Build a Care Package

Got a long distance gal pal who could use some love? Send them the best care package ever. Fill it full of food, magazines, stickers--whatever you can think of that would put a smile on their face.

Go On an Adventure

Road trip! Road trip! Or just a trip to the movies. Whatever works.

Curate a Playlist

Imagine how you'd feel if someone you love created a playlist full of songs that made them think of you? Imagine if they actually downloaded the songs for you, so you didn't have to? Wouldn't that be so cool? Just a thought.

Compile a Video

Contact your loved one's favorite people and ask them all to answer a few questions about them--favorite qualities, best moments, etc. Such a gift would truly be priceless.

Throw a Party

It doesn't have to be their birthday for them to deserve a party. Grab a cookie cake from the mall, invite some friends, and be prepared to celebrate the heck out of your person.

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