10 Forms of Self-Care For Better Living


Self-care is underrated in our busy, modern society. But, long-term wellness and happiness stem from building good, routine habits. Finding ways to de-stress, generate positive momentum, and stay strong mentally, physically, and emotionally are necessary strategies for personal success. Check out these 10 tips for living better and continue to look for other forms of self-care that work for you.

1. Aromatherapy 

Evoking your primary sense of smell is an easy and effective way to help with relaxation, stress relief, and mood improvement. Use an aromatherapy diffuser or light some scented candles to instantly create a more relaxing environment. Try lavender to relax, ease depression, improve memory. Eucalyptus is known for its antiseptic and energizing properties. Peppermint is refreshing and boosts mental alertness.

2. Journal 

Writing can serve as a therapeutic outlet to express yourself. Allow yourself a set amount of time to free write. You can write about your day, thoughts you're having, a summary of dreams, things for which you are grateful, etc. This is your chance to get everything out on paper and also process everything you are feeling internally.

3. Unplug from social media

Take a break from the constant checking of Facebook and Instagram, which can be distracting and create unrealistic expectations. By turning off the constant connection to the outside world, you can detox from the desire to see what others are doing around you and focus your energy inwards to evaluate and enjoy your own life for what it is. Most social media platforms have a simple way to disable your account temporarily. Alternatively, try deleting the apps from your phone for a set number of days.

4. Meditate

Incorporate meditation into your daily routine to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and increase well-being and happiness. Take time to slow down and sit with just yourself while clearing your mind and letting go of all attachment. Starting your meditation practice is easy; you just need to take the initiative to make time for it.

5. Find your go-to relaxing activity 

Cooking, gardening, coloring, knitting, baking, painting, crafting, stretching, you name it. These kinds of activities are different from passive activities like watching TV, because they require your active engagement and participation. These are also activities where you can experience flow and a sense of being in the zone, during which you are immersed in the present experience.

6. Give back

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to give focus your energy on giving back to others. Feeling connected to other people, causes you care about, and your larger community can make your life feel more meaningful. And while altruism is for the benefit of the receiver, studies show that the benefits for the giver are great as well, including better health and longevity.

7. Indulge in a spa day 

Treating yourself to experiences that relieve stress and promote relaxation are important. Taking a long bath or getting a manicure, pedicure, or massage is a great way to rejuvenate physically and mentally.

8. Invest in things that make you happy

"Life is too short not to have the underwear, the coffee, and the haircut you want." Saving and working towards your long-term financial goals is important, but don't skimp on certain aspects of your life that affect the daily quality of your life. Think about a great haircut as an investment in yourself and feeling more confident everyday.

9. Go to the doctor

You are nothing without your physical health, so make sure to proactively keep it in check. At least once a year, you should get a general physical, eye exam, skin screening, and dental cleaning. Check out Zocdoc if you are looking for an easy way to find doctors covered by your insurance as well as make and manage all appointments online.

10. Pick up and book and read 

There is nothing like getting lost in a good book and being transported to another place or time. Reading teaches us to open our minds to worlds different from the one we live in everyday and helps us to be more knowledgeable, empathetic, and imaginative. Reading also contributes to building up your vocabulary arsenal, improving your memory, as well as boosting your own writing skills.