10 Quick Exercises That Will Up Your Energy

Energy isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of exercise. In fact, most of the time, it’s a completely opposite idea. These easy and quick exercises can surprisingly help to promote energy and boost productivity throughout the day. Child’s Pose

Most people think of yoga as relaxing and they would be correct. It’s also therapeutic and can promote energy with that. Child’s pose is a comfortable pose that allows the upper body to stretch and relaxes the mind. Do child’s pose for 1-2 minutes and clear your mind from all worries. Afterwards you will feel refreshed and energized for everything that you have to accomplish during the day.

25 Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are an easy way to get the blood flowing and help start pumping out those endorphins. On days when you don’t feel like drinking a lot of coffee or times when you feel exhausted, do a set of jumping jacks. You’ll get an instant boost of energy and forget all about that caffeine.

10 Minute Walk

Ten minutes is a small amount of time to cut out in your day for an energy booster. A short ten minute walk can get oxygen moving throughout the body and get the blood flowing. You can walk a short distance before work or class or choose to take a walk on your lunch break.

25 Arm Circles

Arm circles might not seem like much but they help promote movement in your upper body. Most of the time, the body feels more exhausted when the upper body is tight or feels worn out. Wake up your upper body by doing forward and/or backward arms circles. This helps to stretch your upper body as well.

15 Body Weight Squats

Some days are busier than others and those days are the ones that you might not be able to fit a quick walk into. In this case, try doing a set or two of body weight squats to get your legs moving and help keep your legs from stiffening up.

25 Side Crunches

Side crunches can help to stretch out your upper body which may be locked up due to sitting down for long periods of time or a lack of motion. This will help to increase movement as well as up your energy. Do a set or two when you’re waiting for a phone call or the elevator to open (if you’ve opted not to take the stairs.)

12 Walking Lunges (Per Side)

Lunges may not be a whole lot of fun but they are a quick and easy way to get moving. They not only workout your lower body, but they stretch your lower body as well. Walking lunges as opposed to stationary lunges actually help to further extend the stretch.


Take a quick trip up the stairs or down the stairs to get your heartrate up. Who says you need caffeine to boost your heart rate? If you’re detoxing from caffeine and need an instant boost this is the way to go.

Seated Overhead Reaches

Maybe you have a busy day and can’t get away from your desk because you’re studying for a big exam or the boss just gave you a huge project to work on. In this case, a set of seated arm reaches can be just what you need to promote energy and increase focus. Take a short break from what’s in front of you to do a few sets of these.

Toe Taps

If you’re seated for most of the day, more than likely your legs need some kind of movement to keep from aching or going to sleep. Try doing multiple toe taps to refresh your legs and to keep your energy levels up. This can also help if you’re restless sitting down and need a short distraction from the task at hand.