11 Ways To Have A Perfect Staycation


Is it just me or has there been an overwhelming amount of vacation photos on social media this month? Trust me, I love seeing all the unique places my friends are traveling to, and frequently it gives me inspiration on where I should travel to next. But lately, I've caught the worst case of FOMO. All month I've been fighting the urge to book a flight and head somewhere warm. Maybe it's all the obligatory spring break photo shoots on Instagram or maybe its this insanely cold spout we're having on the East Coast. Whatever it is, I wish for the sake of my budget it would stop.

In order to stop myself from diving further into the black hole, I've had to think of some ways that I could relax and indulge right here at home without breaking the bank. If you're hoping to avoid the travel bug like I am, here's some tips to help you plan your perfect staycation.

1. Plan a girls night in.

Round up your girls, grab a few bottles of wine or sparkling lemonade, and stock up on some snacks. The best part about hosting a girls night in is that it doesn't have to be fancy. If you're really looking to go all out, check Pinterest for some inspiration. Pinterest is loaded with awesome girls night in ideas, as well as ways to make your GNI a themed night in. A few of the ideas I found included: taco night, fondue night, craft night, game night, or pancakes and PJ night. Regardless of what you choose to do, as long as your girls are by your side, it's bound to be a fun night.

2. Pamper yourself.

Treat yourself! Go get your nails done, get a massage, or take a nice long bath. Whatever you're in need of, go out and pamper yourself. Self care costs far less than round trip plane tickets.

3. Plan a dinner out.

Whether you plan a dinner out with a friend or significant other, make sure its somewhere you really love to go. It doesn't matter how classy it is or how much money you're spending. What matters is you enjoy your company and your meal while having an energizing night out.

4. Get lost in a new book.

Maybe it's just my inner nerd, but I love nothing more then cuddling into my fluffiest, warmest blanket with a new book. I recently finished reading All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda, and I can honestly say it was one of the most riveting books I've read in years. If you're looking for a book that's similar in style to Gone Girl or The Girl on the TrainI would absolutely recommend All the Missing Girls. If you're looking for some light reading online, take a look at our roundup series Renewal Reading: Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4, and Volume 5.

5. Go on a hike.

Get off your couch and get some fresh air. Take time to fully clear your mind, unplug from your phone and any mindless drama surrounding you. Spend your time outdoors soaking in the beauty of nature. Don't focus on getting pictures for your Instagram feed. Just spend time focusing on your experience.

6. Go on a day trip.

I live in a small town. I understand what it's like to have to choose between hitting up the same five restaurants, the local movie theater, and the mall 10 miles from my house every single time I want to go out. Living in a small town can feel suffocating and frustrating, especially during your staycation. You easily run out of activities that might interest you. One way to avoid this obnoxious feeling is to plan a day trip. Every area has their go-to locations to visit. Whether it's beaches, mountains, or downtown districts that attract you, you're bound to find something new. Planning a day trip to allows you to leave your hometown and explore a new place without costing you an arm and a leg.

7. Have a picnic.

Grab some of your best buds, pack some sustenance and a blanket, and have yourself a good old fashioned picnic. Bonus: this is totally Instagram-worthy, if that's something you're looking for!

8. Catch up on sleep.

Your staycation is the perfect time to catch up on sleep. If you're really being honest with yourself, how many days a week do you cheat yourself out of a good nights sleep? Sleep in late, go to bed early, and keep your phone on Do Not Disturb before your head hits the pillow. This way you'll return back to your work rejuvenated and focused.

9. Work out.

This one isn't really for everyone which is fine! If you're running out of things to do or simply just enjoy a good workout, take some time to sweat off the stress.

10. Host a movie night.

Grab some of your favorite movies, make some buttery popcorn and snuggle in on the couch with your besties or just hang out with your lifelong best friend: yourself.

11. Cook with your girlfriends.

I love cooking with my girlfriends. Our cooking plans always start over group texts. We discuss what we'll be cooking and which ingredients we'll each bring. When we're cooking we throw on some of our favorite songs, and sing and dance along to them. After we've sung our hearts out and laughed until our stomachs hurt, we're ready to relax and enjoy our meal.

featured image by Matchbook