Spire Spaces: Energize Your Space For Spring

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There is something so energizing about the first glimpse of springtime. When the trees ditch their dreary and barren branches for light green buds and flowers. When everyone goes outside simply because they want to; not because it's required. When we trade our down coats for trenches and our snow boots for rainboots. Saying goodbye to the doom and gloom of the perpetual winter and welcoming in the start of a new, rejuvenating season is a reward unlike any other. 

Unfortunately, spring doesn't just kickoff like a 5K road race. There will be balmy days one minute and frigid days the next. It's only the start of March and we're already experiencing that. The upside is we can take some matters into our own hands. While the weather works on its consistency issues, we can channel the positive vibes we hope to see outside into our living spaces. With little tweaks here and there, we can refresh the place we call home into a hub of springtime exhilaration and serenity.

Explore what that oasis would mean to you. Your space should be a reflection of your spirit and all that makes her joyful. As part of our Spire Spaces series, here are some ideas we have on what you can add to energize your living space for spring for under $100:

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Soft Sheets

Putting on a new (or freshly washed, for that matter) set of sheets is the gift that keeps on giving. We all know the undeniably rewarding feeling we get when we make our bed in the morning. When we put on fresh sheets, that feeling is only elevated.

And then there's the first night when you crawl into bed to be greeted by the clean set. Well, there's just nothing like it. 

As the weather begins to break those warmer temps, or you're simply trying to encourage Mother Nature to do so, try a soft, lightweight sheet set. If you want to go the extra mile, you could wash or spray them with a springtime scent like lavender or rose. 

Indoor Planter

If you want to liven up your living space, nothing will do the trick quite like some indoor plants. If you are a supreme multi-tasker or want to capitalize on your space, try planting something that you can use in the kitchen, like herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, or carrots. These indoor planters by Terrain are aesthetically pleasing and they'll help you with your green thumb.

Fresh Bath Towel

Just like the winter, bath towels sometimes overstay their welcome. If your post-shower situation isn't feeling like the self-care vibes you are striving for, maybe you could benefit from a little bathroom revival. Freshen up your shower scene with some new, super soft linens like this bath towel

Welcome Doormat

The spring is a happy, energetic time of year and what could ring it in better than a welcome mat with the same intention? Cheeky doormats make their way around Instagram but this doormat is one of my favorite sayings that I've seen. Bonus: when it comes to text doormats, this one is on the less-expensive end of the spectrum.

Raincoat Hooks

You know what they say about April showers...it brings cute hooks for your raincoat and umbrella! This rattan-wrapped monogram hook collection could work in a bedroom, living room, bathroom, wherever you're in need of some alternative storage.

Fun fact: the ampersand (&) hook was the inspiration behind the Spire 2.0 ampersand in our logo!

Illuminating String Lights

You know those movies that have those beautiful backyards with the breathtaking patios and long farmer's tables with the string lights overhead? Don't you just want to exist in that space? While we may not be able to bring a movie set to life, we can add elements of their magic to our spaces, no matter how small (or indoors...) they may be.

Big bulbed string lights like these can do just that when styled correctly. You can string them on your headboard, from the ceiling near a particular space like a couch, table, or desk, or up against an architectural element like a structural beam or exposed insulated pipe. They'll add a cozy accent that will be especially great when you can open up your windows on warm spring evenings and hear those April showers.

Standout Throw Pillows

A great way to add a little spring to your space is by switching up or adding some decorative throw pillows. By just introducing something new, your perspective on the space will shift for the short-term.

Plus, with some intention, you can select pillows based on colors that inspire the energy you want your space to reflect. For example, according to color theory, this yellow tassel pillow likely gives joyful, positive vibes; whereas, this orange washed linen pillow probably feels more warm and energetic. 

Inspiring Coffee Table Books

One of my favorite ways to add depth and personality to a space is to add meaningful books to the mix. You can stack them on a bedside table, add a few to a coffee table, or bring them into your workspace. In the spirit of spring, two books that may inspire you to channel the best of the season's uplifting sentiment are Living with Plants: A Guide to Indoor Gardening by Sophie Lee and In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney. Whether you want to encourage your inner gardener, creative entrepreneur, or something entirely different, there are plenty of books that will embolden you to do so and will add an extra inspiring element to your space.

Not sure where to start on your book hunt? Check out our bookstore, Spire Stacks.

Perfect Berry Bowl

With the best of the spring and summer harvests on their way, a bowl like this one from Anthropologie will benefit your wellbeing and your living space's aesthetic. The decorative bowl can be kept on hand as a way to encourage reaching for nutritious snacks like fresh strawberries (aesthetics totally encourage healthy choices, right?) and if it's a design you love, who says it has to be hidden in a cabinet? Keep fruit, candy, stevia packets, whatever in it and add it as a style element to your space.

Spring Blooms Table Vase

I mean, could we really have a Spire Spaces list for spring and not include a vase for the season's best blooms? A versatile vase like this one from Wayfair is a worthy addition to a space because you can dress this up for any season. In the spring, you can fill it with the best tulips, roses, daffodils, whatever spring flower your heart desires.

But even when the flowers die or you simply don't want to spend another dime on fresh picks, you can add other elements, such as greenery during the holidays or small, battery-powered twinkle lights. A vase with a wider mouth is an opportunity to get creative.

Spring Cleaning Storage

As you get ready to kickstart your spring cleaning, some new organization tools may be in need. These storage containers designed by the one and only Joanna Gaines can help pack away winter clothes, organize desk supplies, or even be the perfect determinate for your next big cleanout: if it doesn't fit in the box, you don't need it anymore. 

Versatile Accent Tray

I have to admit when I move into my first "big girl apartment," an accent tray like this was the first thing I purchased after my essentials and let me just say, I've never gone a week without using it. Most people think of a tray as something you only use when you're entertaining, which may or may not be something you do regularly.

However, I actually use my tray more for just myself. If I want to watch a movie on my couch with my roommate, I'll pop some popcorn, grab two glasses of wine, snag whatever other necessities we'll need, and put it all on the tray, which fits nicely on our coffee table. If I want to have a cozy night in bed, I'll use the tray to hold a candle, cup of tea, some magazines, and anything else that will be a part of that self-care-oriented evening.

A tray can be just the thing you need when having friends over, a decorative way to hold the things you love, or something that will simply make your relaxing night in that much more soothing. Regardless of how you use it, it holds the potential of elevating your experience in your space.

Simple Soft Duvet Cover

If you're in the market for a new duvet cover or just want to give your comforter new life, a simple duvet cover like this is an easy solution. It's cotton so it will be lightweight and soft, making it the perfect bedspread for warmer months. The best part about a duvet is that it's a low-effort clean, meaning you just take off the cover and throw it in the wash. Plus, since this one is a solid color, you can easily make it your own with accent pillows, shams, and throw blankets that further reflect your personal style. 


What are you hoping to add to your space this spring? Tell us in the comments!


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