I Tried 4 Non-Mainstream Wellness Products And This Is What I Found

photo via   klovasleep

photo via klovasleep

I am a health and wellness junkie who loves trying new products that can increase the quality of life, improve health, reduce stress, and make you feel good. Here’s my take on four products that I’ve recently tried, or am currently using, so that you, too, can incorporate products that will help you live your best life.

Goodbelly Probiotics

Goodbelly Probiotics is my favorite probiotic brand containing live and active probiotic cultures based off bacteria strains informed by science.

Our gut health is so important, especially in improving digestion (where 70% of your immune system lives) and absorbing nutrients. And it goes beyond our gut, as research shows that our stomach health impacts our brain and mental health via the gut-brain connection.

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If you are on or just finished a course of antibiotics, taking probiotics like Goodbelly may be especially helpful.

I take a StraightShot, made of 20 billion digestive helpers, everyday! Goodbelly also makes juice drinks, infused beverages, nutrition bars, protein shakes, and pill form supplements. You can find out where to purchase in a local store or online here. As they say, go out and try Goodbelly to “feel your belly smile.”

photo via   @lotuswei

photo via @lotuswei


Lotuswei sells flower elixirs, which the company defines as “liquid infusions of fresh flowers” that “contain the bioenergetic imprint of flowers.” You can think of them as floral based concoctions that work through acupuncture meridians to impact the mind and reduce stress. You can take the elixirs by placing 5 drops under the tongue, 5 times a day. In addition to the elixirs, Lotuswei offers aura mists, serums, and anointing oils. If you look on their website, each item has a description, how to use guide, and ingredient list.

Lotuswei also hosts retreats and Flowerlounge events. I attended the most recent New York City Flowerlounge event in February; it was an evening filled with flower elixirs, meditation, poetry, and community. The founder of Lotuswei, Katie Hess, has an incredible energy and luminescent aura about her. I use a mist called “Inner Peace” that I spray around myself when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed and I have to say it really helps to calm me down and feel grounded in the present moment. You can shop online based off product type, personality, or areas you want to feel good in (quiet mind, fierce compassion, infinite love, etc.) or go deep in (action, expansion, confidence, awareness, etc.). Lotuswei is leading the flower power wellness movement!

photo via   @klovasleep

photo via @klovasleep


Klova is on a mission to help promote happy and healthy lives by improving people’s sleeping. The Sleep ZPatch, releases melatonin and nine other sleep-inducing ingredients overnight to help promote restful sleep, which may be helpful for people experiencing sub-optimal sleep or recovering from jetlag. You apply one patch to your skin 1-2 hours before your bedtime and you remove it when you wake up 8 hours later. A four-week supply of 28 patches costs $30.99 and the subscribe and save option costs you $27.89, saving you 10%. Both options have a 100% 365-day money-back guarantee.

I decided to try Klova because of all the positive customer reviews. It appears to work really well for a lot of people, and for some, not so much. I used a patch last night and found that I was able to have a really good night’s sleep and woke up on my own, feeling refreshed. I likely won’t use them everyday, but will keep some in stock for those nights I’m having a hard time falling asleep or am jetlagged.

photo via   @dailyharvest

photo via @dailyharvest

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a frozen food subscription company. You can get pre-portioned, blender-ready smoothies, activated bowls (think overnight oats and chia parfaits), harvest bowls, soups, lattes, and sundaes delivered straight to your doorstep. For most items, you add your liquid of choice, like coconut water or almond milk, and prepare by blending. This is a convenient way to get a variety of superfoods into your diet—it’s great and delicious to experience all kinds of ingredients like dragon fruit, hemp, acai, chia, matcha, flax seeds, goji berry, golden figs, and more.

My favorite was the Mango + Papaya smoothie, but the byCHLOE Dragon Fruit + Lychee smoothie was pretty good too. Overall, the smoothies are refreshing, but run on the pricier side. Depending on how many cups you order on a weekly or monthly basis, you pay between $6.99-$7.99 per cup. That being said, they have awesome branding and can help you eat conveniently “without nutritional compromise.”

Have you given any non-mainstream wellness products a try recently? Share with us in the comments below!

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