The Secret To Remaining Exhilarated Even When You're Exhausted

photo via  @musesuniform

photo via @musesuniform

Sometimes our minds like to paint pictures for us when we hear or think of a certain word. An image, a memory, or an emotion may come to mind instantly. Then it becomes a depictive domino effect of imagery and memory unfolding in our minds.

For instance, when I hear the word “mom” I imagine my awesome, care-giving, and hilarious mother. When I hear the word “exhilarate” (our March Power Word!) I instantly imagine the girl in the TV commercial who is splashing water from the sink in her face and beaming, looking so....refreshed.

That happens to be my own little mental interpretation of what it means to be exhilarated.

Of course, achieving true exhilaration might include much more than splashing some water on your face and smiling afterwards, but that very smile on that commercial-girl’s face is the product of her own personal experience with exhilaration, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, oftentimes life isn’t just splashing water in our faces and sometimes we aren’t beaming and smiling. Sometimes life is soaking us with problems, stress, complications, and pressure, leading us directly into a pattern of pure exhaustion, sopping wet from what life has thrown our way.

The question, then, is how can we possibly remain exhilarated through exhaustion?

In order to properly answer this question, ask yourself what exactly creates a euphoria of exhilaration within your soul. Is it writing? Is it baking? Is it reading? Are you passionately curious about nature? Are you in love with taking a relaxing, candle-lit bath? What leaves you feeling refreshed, ready, and bursting with endorphins? Find your own version of exhilaration creation.

If we are aware of what ignites our soul, that very activity could exist as a technique or a guidebook to ourselves that we can keep in our back pockets, something we can keep on hand to whip out and use during times of sheer exhaustion and struggle. We do in fact hold the key to opening the door to exhilaration in our lives.

When searching for that coveted state of revival and contentment, we must first spend some time getting to know ourselves.

What do we like? What makes us happy? Who do we enjoy spending time with? And how can we use these likes and dislikes in our time of exhaustion to pull us out of a state of sadness, stress, or panic? These things which set a fire within our hearts and make us feel cozy and filled with goodness inside are important to keep in mind at all times. It is through them that we can connect internally with our own internal GPS.

This GPS inside of us knows what is good and not so good for our soul. If we listen, it will direct us in the journey of our day, week, month, year, and life. And I am positive that if we could somehow ask our GPS how to help ourselves in time of exhaustion, this wonderwall of our internal best self would tell us to stop, slow down, yield, and pull over.

For it is during panic that we must seek revival. For it is during stress that we must seek out the determinants that calm us. For it is during exhaustion that we must seek out and find what truly exhilarates us.

What have you found exhilarating lately? Share with us in the comments!


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