How To Combat Your Worst Period Symptoms

Once a month we have to prepare ourselves for a battle with Mother Nature and painful period symptoms. Until now, it’s been a losing battle with days spent in bed with crippling cramps and fatigue. Midol hasn’t worked, that hot water bottle has seen better days, and your heating pad has seen better days. Combat even the worst period symptoms with a few simple tricks that won’t mean calling out or work or missing class. Take vitamin B-12.

Vitamin B-12 is used to keep blood cells in a healthy state. By taking the vitamin you help your body to restore the red blood cells that are lost during your period. If your body is lacking the vitamin, it is likely that you will feel depressed or fatigued. Adding B-12 into your daily vitamin intake can help to decrease fatigue during your period and combat the onset depression when that time of month comes around. Speak to your health care provider about the possibility of a vitamin B-12 deficiency and before adding any supplements into your diet.

Increase your calcium intake.

Studies have shown that by simply eating more calcium rich foods, you can reduce your menstrual cramps. Add in foods like almonds, kale, or oatmeal into your daily diet. Foods that are rich in calcium can help you reach your daily recommended amount of calcium for the day (1000 mg) without having to take a vitamin. If for some reason you fear you’ll be able to meet your daily calcium goal, head to a health foods store and pick up a calcium vitamin to take in the morning.

Add flax seeds to your meals.

Flax seeds have shown characteristics that help them to regulate your hormone metabolism during your period. The seeds can help to make an irregular cycle regulated and help keep your period coming around the same time every month. They can also help by reducing breast tenderness during your period. Flax seeds can be found at most grocery stores and are easy to add to almost any dish you prepare.

Take evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose oil is one of the most highly recommended supplements to combat a variety of period symptoms. These symptoms include bloating, tender breasts, and irritability. Evening primrose oil is basically an overall fix for the worst period symptoms. It comes highly recommended from gynecologists because of it’s effects. This can be found at most stores in their vitamin sections or specialty health foods stores.