4 Reasons I Love Being Single

As a young teen, I was obsessed with boys--famous boys, to be more specific. I loved fantasizing over what it would be like to married to Nick Jonas or Justin Bieber’s wife. I would dream about it, fantasize about it in class, and even write fanfiction about it. As I got a little older, I went from just seeing celebrity couples and older adult couples to watching some of my friends get into relationships as well. This made me want to have a boyfriend even more than I already did. As happy as I was for my friends, there was always that part of me that wished I could have what they had.

Now that I’m 20, I can honestly say I am very comfortable in my singleness. Do I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a special someone? Of course, but it isn’t something I crave or need. In fact, I honestly feel like my perpetual singleness has really helped make me who I am today.

Even though being in a relationship can be great, there are also a lot of benefits to being single:

I Get To Become My Own Best Friend

A lot of people say they love their significant other because they feel like they are dating their best friend. Who says you can’t become your own best friend while you’re single? Go see a movie by yourself or read that book you bought months ago but still haven’t finished--hanging out with no one but yourself is something you never realize just how great it is until you do it.

I Get To Have Alone Time Any Time I Want

This definitely goes hand-in-hand with becoming your own best friend. I know what you might be thinking--alone time? Wouldn’t that get a bit lonely? By spending more time alone just getting to know yourself, you’re able to become much more comfortable in your singleness. This way, spending time with your future partners will feel more like a choice and less like a necessity.

Be as selfish as you want and go do the things that only you enjoy doing. Order a pizza with that weird topping you love with extra sriracha sauce on it or spend the entire afternoon just playing with your dog and snacking on cookie dough--you deserve it.

I Can Literally Just Netflix and Chill

Need I say more? At this point I’m pretty sure we all know what Netflix and Chill really means but ll I want to do is snack on cookie dough in my pajamas and binge watch Jane The Virgin.

I Get To Spend More Time With My Close Friends and Family

This is probably the best reason out of all four. Some of the best memories I have were made in my close family and friends. Instead of wishing you had a cute boyfriend or girlfriend to go out to dinner with, go eat with your mom or dad instead or have a movie night with some close friends. Spending time with the people you love is seriously one of the best things we can all do for ourselves--especially ones you know are always going to be there.