Give The Gift Of Positive Energy With Trrtlz

Everyone craves a little adventure in their lives, right? What if we said you could obtain it with a $1 bracelet? Would you be surprised? Allow us to introduce you to Trrtlz.


Co-founders (and cousins) Joseph and Peppe were spending a summer in Sicily when they befriended Alessia, a local girl. During their goodbyes, Alessia gave each of them one of her bracelets with a small turtle on it. Upon returning home, friends and family asked about the bracelets, wanting some for themselves.

And so the business venture began.


Turtle-inspired bracelets were created, each a certain color to represent a different quality of life, such as love or adventure. As the bracelets age, the colors fade. The fading is meant to represent all the journeys your bracelet has been on with you.

Keep in mind that your bracelet will not be yours for long: the bracelets are meant to be passed around and shared as gifts, encouraging genuine human interaction. You are able to share your adventures and who you are with the recipient of your gift without having to say a word.


At such a cheap price (again--$1!), there is no reason the bracelets can't be stacked and shared by the handfuls. On behalf of everyone at Spire & Co, we urge you to pick up a few from one of the national retailers (Target, Walmart, Kohl's, and others) and give them away to those you love this holiday season.