Is Eating After 9 Actually Bad For You?

It’s typically been said that eating after 9:00 at night is bad for you, however, there isn’t much to back up this theory. The exciting news is that eating after 9:00 pm is not bad for you. In fact, if you eat the right foods, it can be good for you. There are a few rules for eating after 9:00 pm that will keep the weight off and keep you healthy. Keep away from the junk food.

It’s easy to go and grab a pint of ice cream and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix or grab chips and salsa to eat before bed because they looked SO GOOD. These are the things you don’t want to eat. If you choose a snack before bed, eat fruit or veggies to satisfy your cravings.

Drink water before you touch the food.

When you reach for a snack after 9:00 at night, make sure you aren’t eating because you’re dehydrated. Your body typically feels hungry when it really needs water. If you’re drinking enough water each day, this shouldn’t be a problem. There are plenty of ways to drink more water during the day in order to achieve this goal. If you feel like you really need a snack, drink a large glass of water beforehand to keep from overeating that late at night.

Ask yourself if you’re eating because you’re bored.

After the class day or work day is done, people typically get their errands and tasks done following work. Once those are done, they are likely to watch television, read, or surf the internet. In combination with these things, many people are found reaching for unnecessary food. If there is nothing on television many people can be found with their head in the kitchen cabinets for lack of anything better to do. Make sure to ask yourself if you’re hungry or just bored when you find yourself reaching for food later at night.

Determine if your breakfast schedule will be messed up the next day.

Typically, eating later at night can cause loss of appetite the next day. This can lead to missing breakfast and can slow your metabolism throughout the day. If you find that eating later at night makes you miss breakfast, try to refrain from doing so in order to set yourself up for a better following day.

Avoid foods with heavy spice and grease in them.

Foods with heavy spice and grease have been known to cause heartburn. The grease and spice will keep you up at night and make for an uneasy night’s sleep. Do yourself a favor and skip these things for a sweeter slumber.