3 Taste Tested Healthy Dessert Alternatives Worth Trying


Let's be real here, the word desserts and the word healthy are not normally in the same sentence. The good news is there are now a ton of healthy dessert options that have the same rich, delicious qualities as your favorite sweets, and thankfully they can be found in your local supermarket. So if you're gunning to be more health conscious but don't want to restrict yourself, put these healthy dessert alternatives to the test. We did our research, hit the grocery stores, and tried these for ourselves. Now it's time for you to taste test them for yourself.

Source: Odyssey

Treat #1: Halo Top Ice Cream

Okay, I won't lie, I have eaten Halo Top before this process so I might be a little biased but let's just say it was love at first scoop. This stuff is good and it's not just good for a healthy ice cream, it's just flat out good!

Flavor I tried: Vanilla Bean (I have had the Birthday Cake, S'mores, and Lemon Cake flavors in the past all of which are completely delicious!)

Calories: 60 per serving

Thoughts? Basically the only drawback to Halo Top Ice Cream is that you have to suffer through ten to fifteen minutes while you wait for it to soften before you can dive in...besides that I give this stuff a 10 out of 10. Ben and Jerry who?

Source: Angie's

Treat #2: Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn

Flavor I tried: Dark Chocolatey Drizzled Sea Salt Kettle Corn

Calories: 120 per cup (the calories in each flavor varies and some flavors such as the classic sea salt are 35 calories per cup)

Thoughts? Salty and sweet perfection that is non-GMO and gluten free, I'd say that is a win/win. I really enjoyed this popcorn because it combined my two favorite flavors. I imagine this popcorn would be a super delicious addition to a homemade trail mix as well. Well played Boom Chicka Pop, well played.

Source: Runs On Oats

Treat #3:Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Dessert

Flavor I tried: Cookie Dough

Calories: 75 per serving

Thoughts? If I'm going to be honest, I was not a huge fan of this frozen dessert. While this treat does come in a pint and is sold directly next to the pints of ice cream, it should not be mistaken for ice cream. It has a very ice-y consistency, hence the name "Arctic Zero". It was a bit water-y for my liking; however, they do give a heaping amount of cookie dough per pint which is always a good thing. I probably would not try this exact flavor again but I would be interested in trying one of their fruit flavors such as the Poppin' Pomegranate in a smoothie. I think the consistency of this dessert would be perfect blended with some fresh fruit in a chilly frozen drink.

Are there any healthy desserts that you are currently obsessed with? Comment below to share your favorite ways for making dessert delicious and nutritious!