4 Podcasts To Revamp Your Life


My AmeriCorps position gives me the incredible opportunity to travel throughout my host site’s service area, which covers a whopping 7,000 square miles. That comes with its pros and cons. For instance, I’ve spent more time in a car than at my desk in the last two weeks. The radio has become my best friend. Talk shows, sports, current events – they’re all programmed in my car. Sometimes, though, I turn everything off and let my thoughts wander. My mind usually turns to my position, where it’s taking me, my career, whether I made the right choice, that email I forgot to send or what I’m going to do for dinner. It can be slightly toxic, letting your mind drift as I do. It goes down dark alleys and grows paranoid, fearing it will be caught doing something it shouldn’t be.

After confiding in a good friend about all of the things preoccupying my mind, she recommended I try listening to a particular podcast. Next thing I knew, I was scouring the iTunes store and Google for powerhouse women (and men) giving great advice for people who are a bit stuck. Since this month’s power word is redirection, I found myself listening to advice that helped me view my person, my skills, my relationships and where I’m at in life with a new perspective.

If you find yourself traveling a long distance, take a deep breath and try listening to one of these outstanding podcasts. You’ll be hooked, I promise.

WTF Am I Doing With My Life

This relatable podcast is hosted by Kristy Arnett, a wonderfully articulate life coach with sage advice. Her podcast episodes talk about hard topics like money and finances, but also challenge you to think about your life in the context of risk taking. She interviews incredible people from the mental health space as well as entrepreneurs. She’ll tap into your darkest fears and seem to read your mind without you even knowing it. Podcast episodes range in length from 16 minutes to an hour.

Check it out: Shift the Focus with Millionaire Marketing Mentor Adam Urbanski

#Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

You may know Sophia Amoruso and the company she founded, Nasty Gal. She’s written a book about starting her own business, and Netflix is creating a show based on it. Now, she has a podcast. She sits down with some of the world’s “nastiest” women, from those taking the media and tech worlds by storm to those creating change through their nonprofits and foundations. Her interviews out tend to be around 45 minutes long.

Check it out: Payal Kadakia, Co-Founder and CEO ClassPass; Geena Rocero, Model & Transgender Activist

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie Forleo recently launched her podcast after having great success with her digital show, Marie TV. The podcast episodes are question-and-answer style between Marie, a viewer or listener writing to her, and the listeners of the episode. She focuses on giving advice for women so that they can have the life and business they love. It’s my personal favorite because it fits exactly where I am in life right now. Her episodes are short, averaging about 7 minutes, and are packed with useful tips and tricks to figuring out your life and career - or not.

Check it out: How to Stop Selling Yourself & Convince People to Buy; Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy, Profits and Prosperity

The Sarah Bagley Podcast

If you’re a perfectionist and are trying to rid yourself of all the stress caused by trying to be perfect, you should check out Sarah Bagley’s podcast. She interviews all sorts of people about facing fears, becoming comfortable with who you are, fighting the urge to be perfect and more. This podcast is for all women who might need to take themselves less seriously without realizing it: CEOs; stay-at-home moms; high school honor students; recent college grads struggling to find work. Episodes average 42 minutes, perfect for the commute to work, while running errands, or sitting on a bus traveling to an away game.

Check it out: Goals vs. Expectations vs. Outcomes; Caroline Greene on Having the Audacity to Define Your Success

As a young professional, I also find that it's helpful to listen to a podcast related to my industry. If you look hard enough, you can find a credible expert in your chosen or desired field to understand best practices, to stay up-to-date with current trends and to learn more. This insight can help you decide if this is the career you want or the field in which you are most interested. When you couple the professional development and empowering advice from these four podcasts with the industry speak, nothing and no one can stop you - except yourself.

featured image by Levo