5 Awesome Apps For Productive Procrastination

Ah, productive procrastination – our favorite kind of procrastination. Instead of procrastinating by wasting away in front of Netflix, we like to use our other priorities – the ones that maybe aren’t as important as that psych paper – we like to be productive. While productive procrastination might not be as good as actually getting our work done, getting some items checked off of our to-do lists is better than nothing. Being masters of technology (or at least avid smartphone and laptop users!), we think getting on top or our app game is a great way for us to be productive. From organizing our calendars, to recording all of our hopes and dreams in a digital journal, to exercising our minds with number puzzles, these productive procrastination apps are the perfect thing for you to get things done, while also not really getting things done.


Mailbox will give your email the facelift you didn't know it needed. If you have a Gmail of iCloud email account, Mailbox will help you organize your emails, allowing you to press snooze on some emails and file away others in a more organized manner. You can even set “auto-swipe” options that let you push emails from one particular sender (say, your intramural soccer league) to open for you on one specific day of the week. Talk about cool, right? The best part is that Mailbox works on all iPhone and Android devices, and even now works on Mac computers.

So take a break from the studying, and have a hot date with your email account. Pick a folder to archive that annoying newsletter you can’t unsubscribe from, set the message from your parents on snooze to answer in two hours, and auto-delete anything coming from that pesky ex who won’t stop bothering you.

Day One

Sometimes when we’re studying, our minds hit a total roadblock, and we know we’re not alone on this. Instead of taking a break by endlessly scrolling through our Facebook feeds, we think it’s better to just zone out and journal. That’s where Day One comes in.

Available for Mac computers and iPhones, Day one is a gorgeous digital journal app, because sometimes we don’t have time to pull out the real pen and paper to record our thoughts. Day One takes that one step even further and lets you connect all the little tiny details of your day into your journal entry. That’s right – this app lets you add pictures right into your entry, drop a pin in your location, and even get the weather details.

Day One lets you published posts if you want to, creating a beautiful blog, or keep them locked up tight with a secret passcode only you know. And the coolest part? It’s a way more engaging way to procrastinate than simply catching up on your Facebook creeping skills.


We’re total believers in exercising your mind while procrastinating, and we think smartphone games are a fun and effective way to do that. To keep our brains in tip top shape, even when we’re not doing our homework, we love to play games like Sudoku. Although productive procrastination generally means getting other things you have to do off your plate by putting off an even more important project, we don’t think there’s really anything unproductive about brushing up on our math and logic skills.

There are tons of awesome Sudoku apps out there that can be downloaded to both iPhone and Android devices. Our favorite thing about these apps is that there’s usually a good selection of free ones.


What better way to procrastinate on something you have to do than to organize all of the other deadlines you need to meet in the coming weeks? Sunrise, the mother of all calendars, is the perfect way to do that.

Syncing with your iPhone, Gmail, and other digital calendars, Sunrise helps you gather all of your important dates into one awesome app. And did we mention that it’s gorgeous? The Sunrise calendars are organized so beautifully, and lets you color-coordinate all of your different kinds of engagements.

One of our favorite sunrise features is the map too. When entering the information for one of your important dates, you can add in the location of your engagement, and Sunrise will connect you to a Google map view of the location. Pretty sweet, huh? You’re going to find yourself all over this app, but hey, at least you’ll be getting your life organized, right?


While yes, productive procrastination can be about crossing off parts of your to-do list to avoid doing an even bigger (or more boring) task, we argue that it can also include the making of that to-do list. That’s why we’re such big fans of the Wunderlist app. Syncing right up with Windows computers, Mac computers, iPhones, Androids, and a bunch of other obscure devices, Wunderlist will help you make the Best. To-do list. Ever.

Some of our favorite Wunderlist features include, but certainly are not limited to: the fact that you can share your to-do lists with other people (AKA, tell your group project members to get their work done), the fact that you can be reminded of certain things you need to do because sometimes we forget, the fact that you can star the really, really important stuff. Seriously guys, this app can do it all.

By getting your hands on these apps, you may not get your next essay done any quicker, and you might be tempted to procrastinate just a little, teeny bit. But hey, at least you were productive.