5 Chrome Extensions You Need

Google is taking over the world, guys, and to navigate this scene, it’s time we get up on your Google Chrome extension game. These extensions can be downloaded right from Google and will really up your workflow when kicking around the Internet. But which ones are the best ones? Here’s a breakdown of our favorites:  Momentum

While it’s so convenient for our most-used webpages to pop up whenever we open up Chrome, we hustlers may need more motivation. Momentum changes your default page to a gorgeous picture of your choosing, the time, a greeting, and a goal or intention for the day. You can even add a to-do list to keep you motivated and on top of your game.

Evernote Web Clipper

If you’re anything like us, the bookmarks feature on your browser is filled with different links and you have no idea why you saved any of them. Evernote Web Clipper is awesome because it lets you annotate some of those bookmarks and organizes them right in Evernote. You can even highlight certain sections of a webpage and share it with your friends via social media.

Strict Workflow

Because procrastination is so real. Download Strict Workflow and your browser will block certain websites until one of your scheduled “break” times. This Chrome extension is amazing for keeping you from checking your Insta while trying to get that term paper done.


This one we suggest with a little discretion. Mailtrack – which gives you a little notification when someone opens your email – is perfect for, say, making sure group project emails aren’t being ignored. Also totally OK for emails to parents or friends, or people outside of your professional life. If you’re at your new, full-time job, though, you should probably skip this Chrome extension. It’s a little sneaky to keep tabs on your professional coworkers though, especially if they’re not aware that you have this Gmail extension set up.


We all know the benefits of Google Calendars, but UpTo brings your calendar game to the next level. If GCal is the solution for people super busy with tons of things to do, UpTo is the answer for anyone in need of something to do. This Chrome extension gives you access to public calendars, notifying you to all sorts of events being held in a certain area.