5 Easy Ways To Crush Your Comfort Zone


It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is safe, predictable, and hassle-free. There’s nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone, but there’s also nothing wrong with leaving it! Although it may seem difficult to jump right in and conquer all your fears, throwing caution to the wind, it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s five easy ways to crush your comfort zone:

Do Something Weird

Weird means different things to different people, but weird does always means something out of the ordinary and unusual. One of the reasons humans are scared to try new things is that we’re all so, so freaked out by what other people think of us. Once you do one weird thing (on purpose), you realize that it doesn’t actually matter that much and you’ll begin to feel a little more free.

Don’t Be Attached To The Results

“What if?” is a question we all ask ourselves, all the time. What we need to remember is that it truly, honestly isn’t all about te destination—the journey rocks. The journey is really what is so important, because this is where you’re learning and growing. 

Change Up Your Routine

Think of this as the ultimate baby step for those of you intimidated by the great unknown. Changing up your routine could mean anything from switching up the roads you drive to work to switching up where you work! If you’re trying to make a big change in your life (such as employment), it will be beneficial for you to start small and gradually increase the big deal-ness of change in your life.

Treat Yo Self

Being conscious about challenging yourself to try new things is hard and tiring, which can give stepping out of your comfort zone a negative connotation. Think about how you train pets: Don’t you give them treats when they do something well? Why not apply the same theory to people—go on, treat yo self.

Just Decide

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but sometimes it’s easier done than stewed over for an unlimited amount of time. Just do it. Jump. Decide. Make a choice. Change your life. Don’t close your eyes. You can do it!