5 Female Athletes Who Are Total #LifeGoals

Here at Spire&Co, we think it’s super important to have a girl crush, a role model you can look up to, and lately we’ve been totally digging inspiring female athletes. These girls have the brains to play the games, the poise to make it look good, and the rock star attitude to help them kill it in real life, too. Seriously, these athletes = #lifegoals. Misty Copeland

Uh, can you say total inspiration? Misty Copeland grew up a poor little girl who took ballet classes at her local Boys and Girls Club and since became the first black woman to become a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. Big freakin’ deal, considering how white-washed the ballet industry can be. Copeland serves as the perfect example of how to handle adversity with grace and shows exactly what’s possible when you work hard.

Lindsey Vonn

Falling down and giving up is clearly not on the agenda for Lindsey Vonn, who has literally spent her entire career doing the exact opposite. After mangling her knee for the first time in 2013, Vonn came back into the ski racing game determined to own it and she totally did. Despite reinjuring herself a few times since then, Lindsey has still managed a complete stronghold on the sport, becoming the world record holder for most World Cup wins (62!) and snagging an insane amount of World Cup season titles.

Serena Williams

Maybe it’s her mad tennis skills, maybe it’s her palpable determination, or maybe it’s the way she totally owns herself in front of reporters, but Serena Williams is the queen of all inspiring female athletes. After watching her absolutely run the world last summer and fall on the international tennis circuit, we watched her run the world in front of the media and we were loving every second of it. A totally talented woman who looks the patriarch in the face and tells them exactly why she isn’t smiling? Slay, girl, slay.

Gabby Douglas

The girl who helped lead the US women’s gymnastics team to total Olympic domination in 2012? Yeah, she’s def #lifegoals. Douglas was also the first black woman to win an all-around title at the Olympics and has been named Female Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press. Add in the fact that Douglas is legit owning it in the international gymnastics scene by helping the US win numerous world titles and it’s pretty safe to say we’re obsessed with this girl.

The entire US women’s soccer team.

Yup. All of them. We have girl crushes on every single one of these ladies, and why wouldn’t we? They are totally inspiring female athletes. We were all blown away last summer when these women marched their way to victory in the World Cup, owning the entire tournament with such class. The best part? Watching them shut down all the haters who said women’s soccer isn’t as fun to watch as men’s soccer. #girlpower