5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For The Lazy Girl


Oh no… you procrastinated on Halloween? Again? Don’t worry. We did, too. And while sometimes procrastination can be kind of a good thing (at least we like to tell ourselves), it kind of makes a stressful few days leading up to the most epic weekend of the year. But you all don’t have to worry. In our hustle to get our last-minute DIY Halloween costumes together, we decided to share with you our favorite ideas:

SoulCycle Fanatic

It feels like everyone we follow on Insta and their uncle is a huge SoulCycle fan, and we kind of love it. We’re taking that love to the next level this Halloween with a crazy easy SoulCycle fanatic costume.

What you’ll need:

  • Workout leggings

  • Sneakers

  • Sweatband

  • Plain yellow t-shirt (or color of your choice!)

  • Puff paint

Don’t act like you’ve never seen the SoulCycle logo before, or any of their many pieces of brand apparel. Give it a Google, puff paint it onto your plain shirt, add the rest of your outfit, and you’ll look like you just came from our favorite workout.

Bed Bug

This costume is probably our number one fav because it combines things everyone loves: our pajamas and partying on Halloween. Can’t get much better than that, amirite?

What you’ll need:

  • Oneside pajamas

  • Skinny headband

  • Pipecleaners

Wrap one end of each pipecleaner around the center of your headband, meeting at a point. Twist the other end into a swirl. Oneside + antennae = bed bug. Get it?! We crack ourselves up.

An Emoji

If you’re going to be an emoji, you’re going to have to decide on a few things: are you going to be a solo emoji, or have a buddy? Are you going to be a face, or an item? The possibilities are endless, so we’ll fill you in on some of our favorites.

To be a face, you’ll need:

  • Paper plate

  • Yellow paint

  • Other colors for your specifi emoji

  • Popsicle stick (we encourage you to actually eat a popsicle and use that stick. It’s yummier that way.)

Paint your desired emoji onto the paper plate, glue the popsicle stick to the bottom as a handle, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

We’re also huge fans of the sassy, pink-shirted girl. All you have to do is throw on your favorite pink shirt and do the hair flip pose All. Night. Long.

Pinterest Board

This one will take a little more effort, we know, but we kind of think it’s worth it. We’ve all seen the Instagram photo costume, but how many Pinterest boards have you seen? Major bonus points for creativity, y’all.

What you’ll Need:

  • Poster board, cut in half

  • Print out of Pinterest logo

  • Print out of different pins, blown up for scale purposes

  • Glue or tape

  • Ribbon or string

Punch two holes for the ribbon or string at the top center of your Pinterest poster board. This string will hang around your neck like a necklace. Then, tape or glue the Pinterest logo to the top (bonus points if you can draw!). Add in a search bar below. The more realistic the better! Finish off by taping on different pins.

Bachelorette Party

So… all seven of you and your friends forgot to get a Halloween costume together? Then maybe you all get be lazy together, too! Pick one girl to be a bride, enlist the rest to be her bridesmaids, and then go hog-wild.

What you’ll need:

  • One white t-shirt, the rest different matching color

  • Puff paint

  • Bachelorette party accessories

  • Bride sash, fake veil

Hop on Pinterest or Etsy to find some cute bride and bachelorette sayings, and DIY the crap out of your own shirts. Top it all off with some of the super fun and super cheap bachelorette party toys you can find at your local party store and voila! You’re a bachelorette party.