5 Natural Ways To Nix Period Symptoms

Once a month a pesky little visitor, our period, comes around for about a week bearing (unwelcome) gifts of painful cramps, fatigue, headaches, and just general discomfort. Those annoying symptoms can thankfully be reduced or alleviated. You don’t have to put up with the inconvenience of cramps during a big exam or exhaustion right before a big event. Through these five natural remedies, you can help to combat the discomfort that comes with your period. Drink More Water

Bloating is probably one of the most inconvenient side effects of your period. That dress you wanted to wear out tonight may fit a little snugger or you may feel the need to pull at your clothes. It’s all around uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, this makes you want to put on a pair of leggings and an oversized t-shirt and do nothing but sit and watch your favorite chick flicks. To beat the bloat first remember that bloating doesn’t mean you’re “gaining weight;” it’s simply excess water your body is retaining because of hormone changes during this week. Try drinking more water so that your body is hydrated and doesn’t feel the need to store excess water.

Chamomile Tea

Studies have shown that chamomile tea contains properties that help with pain relief. This is a saving grace if you don’t want to run to the drug store to purchase Midol or Ibuprofen. When those cramps start to hit, try popping a chamomile tea pod into your Keurig or brew up a cup on the stove, add some honey, and get rid of those pesky cramps.

Avoid Caffeine

Red flashing lights probably went off in your head at the mention of no caffeine. Have no fear, no caffeine during your period week can actually help you have more energy and reduce fatigue. Drinking caffeine, especially during this week, can make it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep and can in turn lead to more exhaustion the next day. Save yourself a few dollars and avoid your favorite coffee shop order this week. A more restful night's sleep will not only help reduce your fatigue, but will help to boost your mood as well.

Reduce Salt Intake

Eating less salty foods may seem like torture at first but it will seriously help your period symptoms. Bloating is one of the most uncomfortable feelings and eating salt can just add to the bloat. A high sodium intake leads to water retention which can create bloating. Try a healthier, low sodium meal plan for the week of your period. This might also help with your energy levels because of vitamins in healthier food options also.


Yes, you read that right. Exercise can help to reduce or alleviate almost all period symptoms. Any physical activity can help to reduce pain from cramps because it helps to get the blood flowing. This releases endorphins which in turn help to reduce cramping. Endorphins help to improve your mood and elevate your energy levels.