5 Pieces of Bling to Make Your NYE Outfit Shine

New Year’s Eve is a special night because you can go HAM with sparkle and it’s totally natural. From your outfit to your accessories, the name of the NYE game is glitz and glam. Here at Spire&Co we love NYE for that very reason. A chance to rock a shimmering dress or chunky glitter polish? Count us in.

But we also know there can be too much of a good thing. Sometimes all you need is a subtle accessory to make your outfit totally pop. Here are some of our favorite accessories to make your outfit shine this New Year’s Eve and into 2017, too!

Be super trendy with chrome fingernails.


Looking for some subtle sparkle and shine? Give chrome nails a try. These polish colors are totally on trend, and will keep your outfit flashy without being ~*flashy*~. Essie has the perfect set to get the job done.

Mix it up with a jazzy brooch.


This is not your grandma’s brooch set – just the opposite, in fact. Try something like this adorable brooch from BaubleBar for something totally unique and super sparkly.

Dat highlight, doe.


Maybe you’re more of an all-black-all-the-time fashion gal, and opt for killer makeup. While keeping your outfit more muted, you can still fit in with some gorgeous shimmering makeup this NYE. Try a glitter eyeliner or a dramatic pop of highlight to get your shine on.

Add shine with some poppin’ kicks.


Headed to a house party with friends? That doesn’t mean you can’t shine like the Time’s Square ball. Keep your outfit casual with jeans and a solid and muted top, and add your ~wow~ factor with some glitzy shoes, like these MaryJanes from Zara.

You can never go wrong with glam jewelry.


Whether it’s earrings or a super fun statement necklace, jewelry will always be the answer. Pick up a statement piece like this one from Francesca’s to tie together your outfit and you’ll be sure to steal the show.