5 Resources To Find Out About Your Presidential Candidates

While primary season about to be underway, it’s time we get the skinny on our presidential candidates once and for all. But ugh, there’s so freakin’ many of them. Luckily for us, we live in the age of the Internet, and have so many resources available to us right at our fingertips to help us get our vote on. On The Issues

OnTheIssues.org gives you a breakdown of both the GOP and Democratic/Independent presidential candidates who are still in contention. This website gives you a summary of how each of the candidates feels about some of the major issues facing the country (foreign policy, the climate, LGTBQ issues, the economy). On The Issues is also great because it gives you a look into state government elections, which are also super important, too!

The candidates’ websites

The best way to get a first-hand look at what each presidential candidate stands for is to hear straight from the horse’s mouth. Take a look at the candidate’s website to see some of their plans laid out right for you on a webpage. Use a little discretion while doing this – this website is produced by the candidate’s campaign, and therefore won’t include some of the less favorable information about the candidate. Keep in mind that this source will have some sort of innate bias.


iSideWith is really cool because it takes out any information about the presidential candidates before you see your results. This way, you can’t entirely be biased by which candidate you think you favor before seeing who’s policies match up with your own. This quiz will show you how accurately you match up with a candidate (for example, you agree with 90 percent of a candidate’s views) and also show you on which issues you disagree with each candidate. Remember that this is just a quiz, and that it shouldn’t be the sole decider of who you choose to vote for, but it is a nice place to start.

PBS What The Candidates Believe

PBS has a pretty nifty page that contains a bunch of articles breaking down the policies of the different presidential candidates. While there are zillions of pages out there for various different news outlets, PBS is awesome because it’s a public news source. This means that it is completely funded by public donates, and doesn’t collect ad revenue from private corporations read: has no corporate/viewer bias. What better way to make up your own mind than to get completely neutral information?

Keeping Up With The News

The presidential candidates are going to make their platforms sound good – it’s their job, and we can’t fault them for that. What’s telling is how the candidate handles him/herself in the political landscape. Keeping a handle on the daily news is so important because it puts their platforms into context – sure, you like that candidate’s education reform, but does it work given the current state of things? It also helps to look at how they’re conducting their campaign (in commercials, at debates, during press events). This is a critical part of who you’re voting for, and the best way to stay up-to-date on it is to stay now on the news.