5 Steps To Landing An Internship In High School

From Blair Waldorf’s glamorous internship with W Magazine and Lauren Conrad’s highly sought after internship at Teen Vogue to Ryan Howard’s comical experience at Dunder Mifflin, interning is a productive way to gain experience in a future career path. When I was a junior in high school, I earned to opportunity to work as a public relations intern at a local clothing boutique. During my time interning, I learned a lot about the fast paced communications industry and what it takes to be a part of it. While they are usually reserved for college students, if you’re a high school student looking for early experience in a possible career, don’t sweat--here are some of my tips on how to earn an internship before going to college: Start Small

While you can't expect to earn a stellar internship with Vogue as a high school student, you can start small by reaching out to local companies to see if they offer any internship programs

Network. Network. Network!

I started by reading online articles on the best ways to network and ended up learning a lot. Before reaching out to companies, perfect your emailing skills and read up on ways you can better advocate for yourself.

Have Some Sort of Interest/Experience

I'm interested in one day working in the communications field so it was only fitting for me to look for internships in that line of work. While I had no real experience prior to my internship, I write for my school's newspaper, and I was able to talk about since it taught me how to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Talk to Friends and Family

Reach out to friends and family members, and let them know you're interested in gaining some experience. I discovered my internship opportunity at Bourbon & Grits Boutique through my church. Opportunities can come from anywhere, so always make sure you're properly representing yourself and letting people know what you're interests are.

Do It For Experience

While nowadays it's not uncommon for internships to offer some sort of monetary compensation, don't expect to get paid while interning locally. Remember, you're doing this to gain experience--internships can be fun ways for people to learn more about their field of interest.

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