5 Things To Add To Your Spring Semester Bucket List

I love putting together a list of things I want to do during each semester--no, not another boring to-do list filled with homework assignments and deadlines, but instead a list full of fun adventures and weekend whims! If you haven't already, definitely add these five things to your spring semester bucket list: Go Camping With Your Friends

This is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to spend a Friday night! Get your sleeping bag, a bag of marshmallows, some bug spray, and set out into the wilderness for a chill not of campfire food and quality time. Make sure you bring some matches so you can have a fire to cook food over and deter bugs and other animals away from your site!

Wake Up Early For The Sunrise

I don't do this nearly often enough but am always so glad when I do. It's a really grounding way to begin your day and getting up early will also make you 10x more productive than usual!

Compliment A Stranger

It may seem odd to add this to a list of "fun" activities to do but remembering to acknowledge the things that all the amazing people do around you - even if you're not particularly close with them - is really important! It will leave both of you in a better state of mind.

Fraternity (Or Sorority) Hop

I knew of some girls last year who went to every fraternity one Saturday night and took a picture at each one! It's a fun little game to play if you go to a school with Greek life. If you don't, you can definitely modify it to every academic building, etc.!

Write A Thank You Note To Your Professor

By the time the semester winds down I usually feel too burned out to write a teacher evaluation, much less a personalized thank you note to one of my favorite professors. This semester I wanted to change that and have already started a running list of things to add to a thank you note for those particular teachers! I definitely don't give my professors enough credit for what they do, and this is a great way to show appreciation.