5 TV Shows To Watch To Make You Feel Smart

We all have our favorite TV shows, and love to take Netflix and chill super literally, but sometimes that can get a little too mindless. As super active, engaged, smart young women, we like to be challenged a little bit, right? What if we told you could have it all? You could still totally have a Netflix binge while still feeling a little bit smart? With these five shows, you definitely can:

The Newsroom

This show wants you make you watch the news, and doesn’t want to patronize you while doing so. Taking place in a CNN-like newsroom, The Newsroom takes you behind a network’s flagship program during its quest to deliver quality, engaging news. The cool thing about The Newsroom is that it takes some real-life, past news breaks and tells them in a way that you never got the chance to hear before – and that’s kind of the point.

Last Week Tonight

This is another show that wants you to watch the news, but doesn’t care if you laugh along the way. Through fits of giggles, you’ll watch John Oliver tell you about different huge news stories that have happened during the previous week. What sets Last Week Tonight apart from other network satire news shows is Oliver’s ability to put together a feature-length package about a trending important news subject. You’ll find yourself not just laughing harder, but thinking harder, too.

Planet Earth

So consuming the news isn’t really you’re thing. That’s okay. We’ve got Planet Earth to binge on instead. Behind some stunning cinematography is a super interesting nature documentary. If you want to catch some gorgeous shots and some never-before caught on camera nature events, definitely check out this show.

The Wire

The Wire was pretty much made for social justice buffs, but can really appeal to anyone. Taking place in crime-ridden neighborhood Baltimore, this TV show gives a super raw look into the world of drugs, crime, poverty, and bureaucratic mess. If you don’t want to believe us about how good it is, just take a gander at its ample critical acclaim and the amount of people who followed the show religiously.

The West Wing

If you’re super into politics, The West Wing is the TV show for you. Taking place in – you guessed it – the west wing of the White House, this show let’s you into the inner workings of a pretty realistic presidency. Between it’s handling of genuinely thought-provoking situations to its quick wit and humor, this show will leave your head spinning, but in the best way possible.