5 Ways To Chill When You Just Can't

Weekends were totally made for chilling, right? Except for that awkward moment when we've totally got ants in our pants and can't relax. Sometimes we just can't, and for maintaining our sanity throughout hectic schedules, that's kind of a problem. A huge part of being able to chill is being able to turn your brain off from all of the work that you have to do (and we know you're a busy gal, so there's probably a ton of that). But that's easier said than done, huh? Here's your go-to guide for how to chill out, relax, even when you just can't even. Unplug.

We're totally not reinventing the wheel on this one. Unplugging your phone not only keeps you less distracted by texts, social media, and emails, but it is wicked good for getting a better night's sleep (and getting a better night's sleep is the key for a most relaxing day). Pick a time where you turn off, whether it be for an hour each day or an entire day during the weekend, to make sure you are ready to get into chill mood.

Stick to a chillaxing schedule.

A little counterintuitive, yeah? But sometimes you have to pencil in your relaxation time to actually be able to relax. If you know that you're going to Netflix between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., then you won't have any other distractions on your mind while you're just trying to binge on How I Met Your Mother.

Create a to-do list for non-chilling times.

Also a little counterintuitive, this tip is meant to keep you from being distracted by a mountain of things to do. If you have a to-do list set for each day at a time, you can just check all your boxes off without having to worry about a thing until the next day.

Pick a no-working zone.

Hate to break it to you, but trying to chill at your desk isn't going to work. You're so used to focusing and getting stuff done there that you won't be able to properly unwind. Try designating certain parts of your home or apartment where you never, ever do work so that it can be your happy place when it comes time to chill.

Pick a "I'm not working anymore" time.

Sometimes what you need is for everyone else to leave you the heck alone. A really effective way to get this to happen is to designate a certain time of day where you absolutely, positively will not be doing any work. When to make this cutoff is totally your decision -- maybe you're a morning person and are better suited for a 9-5 kind of schedule, or maybe you're a night owl who doesn't start working until lunch. Either way, you should definitely try to stick to a schedule so your brain and your body knows it's time to chill out.