5 Ways To Stay Awake That Are Better Than Caffeine

Caffeine addiction is a very real and very expensive thing. Because most of us are both a) workhouses and b) broke as a joke, we can’t afford to be buzzed up but we really, really can’t afford to not be. If you can relate, check out our top five secrets to avoid snoozing:


You know all that caffeine you’re inhaling? Just replace it with water. And double. Basically, just keep hydrating yourself. This works because by looking for a replacement for caffeine, you’re basically trying to avoid fatigue, which is what staying hydrated does. Plus, you’ll always have to pee so you won’t have time to doze off. #WinWin

Take A Lap

Okay, don’t actually take a lap… Unless you want to, of course. Just make sure you’re consistently moving throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the escalator, walk downstairs to talk to your brother instead of texting him, etc. If you act according to how tired you are and stay stationary, you’ll only become more tired.

Snack, Don’t Feast

Think about how you feel after Thanksgiving dinner. Exhausted, right? It’s because you just pigged out big-time. Opt for light snacking throughout the day in order to have a consistent influx of energy instead of getting it all at once.

Beat The Heat

#TBT to the days of standardized testing when they’re blast the air conditioning and we’d all be like, “Da heck?” Turns out, that was actually totally purposeful: Heat drains you out but cool air keeps you awake and alert. Shoutout to those test proctors for actually knowing what they were doing!

Have A Jam Sesh

When all else fails, take a page out of Meredith and Cristina of Grey’s Anatomy’s book and just dance it out. The motion combined with mental stimulation and loud noise will wake you up for sure. You’re welcome.