6 Reputable Charities That Deserve Your Attention

Giving back to charity is a super important part of growing up. After receiving so many blessings all of our lives, we come to a point where we know we have to give back. Giving to charity can be hard – we work so hard for our money, and while we’re happy to give back, we want to make sure it’s going to a reputable charity.

We’ve done some of the research for you. Even though these aren’t the only reputable charities out there, these ones are pretty sweet, and do some pretty great work with the money and time you choose to donate:

Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria is a massive problem in a lot of countries in Africa. Against Malaria Foundation combats this by providing insecticidal bed nets to protect sleeping people from getting bitten by mosquitos carrying malaria. This foundation gets a super high rating from Give Well, an organization that identifies reputable charities based on how far your dollar is goes and the difference the money makes.

She’s the First

She’s the First is an awesome organization that helps provide education to girls in developing nations. Since it’s inception, She’s the First has reached 11 countries and 647 scholars. Providing an education to these girls isn’t just about helping them learn more; it helps them live healthier, delay child marriage and childbirth, resist domestic violence, secure a better job, and ultimately earn higher wages.

The Flint Water Fund

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a massive water crisis in Flint, Michigan right now. After the town swapped water sources to try to save some cash, they found their supply totally contaminated. It’s been a horrible disaster that’s left some children ingesting a ton of lead. The Flint Water Fund was established by United Way of Genesee County to buy some water filters, bottled water, and emergency support systems in the town. All of the proceeds donated to this cause go toward helping the people of Flint. With none of the proceeds going toward overhead or administrative costs, this is a super reputable charity.

The Humane League

This charity’s goal is to reduce and end the suffering of farm animals. Getting a super good rating from Animal Charity Evaluators, The Humane League makes animals’ lives better by performing online awareness campaigns, assisting grassroots movements, creating cage-free and Meatless Monday events, among other things.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

This cancer research foundation gets an unbelievably good rating from Charity Watch. Nearly 97 percent of its funds go toward programming and research, with only three percent going toward overhead. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is also able to raise a ton of money by spending very little – it only takes $16 to raise $100.

The Innocence Project

A major civil rights and civil liberties organization, the Innocence Project’s mission is to exonerate innocent people through DNA testing, and to reform the criminal justice system to prevent further wrongful convictions. This organization tackles a huge problem in the US; in 2015 alone, there were 149 criminal exonerations, meaning at least 149 people who were wrongly convicted of a crime. The Innocence Project is working to put an end to those staggering numbers.

When in doubt, check it out.

We listed a bunch of incredible charities above, but we know they’re not the only ones. Take a look for yourself about which charities you think you want to give to, but make sure you do your research. Some charities aren’t always what the seem, but organizations like Charity Watch and GiveWell do a great job of breaking down where your money is going when you give it so you can the perfect reputable charity for you.