6 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use A Blowdryer

I think it's safe to say that anyone who has ever owned a blowdryer knows the miracles it creates when used correctly. Especially for people like me, with long, curly hair that can just never be tamed. Little did I know, however, this magical device has even more capabilities, none of which have to do with your hair. Though I've gone my whole life without knowing what else my blowdryer is able to do, I know I will think of it in the future if I'm ever trying to do the following things:

1. Break in new shoes.

Who would have ever thought a blowdryer could help you break in your shoes? I certainly didn't. But it's definitely worth doing! Put on a pair of socks with your new shoes (i.e. heels, flats, sneakers, whatever they may be), heat up the back and sides of the shoe with your hair dryer, and walk around in them until they cool down. The heat will remold the shoe to fit to the shape of your foot quicker than the process of getting blisters would.

2. Dry nails.

This one's a much more obvious one but it's definitely important when you're waiting for your nails to dry and all you want to do is eat those chips or shower or literally anything that requires your hands (so everything). Stop waiting around and make your own make-shift nail dryer with your favorite hair appliance.

3. Curl eyelashes.

Safety tip #1: please do not blow hot hair directly at your eyes... Instead, take your eyelash curler and blow the hot air on it until it heats up. Then carefully use it on your lashes to give them that extra curl.

4. Remove band-aids.

The safety tip from number 3 definitely applies to this one as well. Don't burn yourself! Carefully blow the hot air at an angle towards your band-aid. The heat will loosen up the adhesive and make peeling it off much less painful.

5. Remove stickers and price tags.

Since we know heat helps loosen the adhesive on a sticky band-aid, we know the same goes for the stickers or price-tags you've been spending hours trying to remove. Apply the blowdryer heat to the top of the sticker until it's easy to peel right off.

6. Remove wrinkles from clothes.

If you don't have a clothing iron at hand and you don't want to be a wrinkled mess, try spritzing your wrinkled item with a little water and blowing it dry. It really does work! Don't believe me? Try it!