6 TV Couples Who Give Us All The Feels

TV couples are super important because sometimes they’re your only source of romance because #foreveralone. In all seriousness, it’s always super fun to live vicariously through our favorite characters on our stories, regardless of our own relationship statuses. How could we not? These people live in a fantasy world where, even if they’re playing that ultimate will-they-won’t-they game, they always end up together. They give us hope, these couples, and for that reason alone they fuel some of our longest Netflix binges, giving us All. The. Feels.

Seth and Summer (The OC)


What do you want from me, Cohen?

…I just want you.

Jeeze Louise, is there a better, more romantic line from our favorite teen drama? I think not. Seth and Summer, you two seriously set a high standard for #relationshipgoals, so we’re kind of romantically ruined forever.

Brit and Santana (Glee)

As super not organic as it was, we were seriously living for the Britana wedding at the end of Glee. These two have loved each other through thick and thin, both from afar and from two seats beside each other in the choir room. Brit and Santana, your love is so beautiful and pure, and you make us (and Mr. Schue) so, so proud for owning the TV Couple Hall of Fame.

Leslie and Ben (Parks and Recreation)


I love you and I like you.

Need we say more about the perfection that is this couple? We think not. Is it not all of our dreams to find an SO who supports our super ambitious life goals? Thanks, Ben, for loving the crap out of one of our top TV girl crushes, and Leslie, for showing us how to balance love and a powerhouse career.

Monica and Chandler (Friends)

Ross and Rachel might have been the epic will-they-won’t-they story of a generation, but when it comes to romance, Monica and Chandler were seriously where it was at. Two people who unconditionally love each other inside and out? We feel so many feelings for them.

Jim and Pam (The Office)

Anyone else like to just watch random YouTube clips of Jim talking about how much he loves Pam? No? Just us? Whatever, no shame, these flawless characters are for sure the end-all, be-all of TV couples.