6 Ways To Preserve Your Blowout

If you have hair anything like mine, you understand the pain of having to blow dry, straighten, and/or curl your 'do after every wash. It's actually really time-consuming, so washing your hair every day is not exactly an option. I mean, we have plenty of other things to do besides stand in front of a mirror for an hour trying to de-frizz the mane. Unfortunately, even after drying your own hair for what feels like eternity, it never looks quite like it does after a blowout from the hair salon. But, even if you're a magician when it comes to blowdrying your own hair, nobody wants to waste $40 on a blowout for it to last a day. And there's luck!

Preserving your blowout is not as difficult as you'd think but it does requires maintenance and self-control. IMPORTANT: No more touching your hair constantly or flipping it! The dirt from your hands will make your hair filthy and within a day or two, your blowout will look horrendously greasy. Aside from keeping your hands away from your head though, there are a few other tips to keep in mind for a long lasting blowout.

Don't sweat. Just don't.

As much as I want to be kidding here, sweat is not something that works well with a fresh blowout. While you don't have to avoid the gym altogether, it is important to keep your hair away from your forehead and hairline. A great way to do this is by purchasing a sweat absorbing headband so your hair isn't taking the heat, literally. Don't avoid attending your weekly workout class because you just got your hair done.

Sleep with your hair in a loose bun or ponytail.

Sleeping on your hair can cause it to lose it's volume and can also cause it to become a knotted mess. Putting it in a loose bun or ponytail at the nape of your neck before bed will help keep you from waking up in a tangle. While a ponytail keeps the hair from flying about aimlessly while you toss and turn, I prefer a loose bun because then I wake up with a soft wave to my hair as well. TIP: do not use those black "no-damage" Scünci hair ties because the material can tear your hair while you sleep. Instead, try using a scrunchy or a yoga ponytail holders, which won't pull your hair so much.

Try an overnight hair mask.

One of the beautiful things about today is the number of options we have for products. It's the absolutely essential since everyone is always so busy (and/or lazy, no judgement here). Overnight hair masks, for instance, make it so much easier to wake up flawless, so pick your favorite and go with it! It's totally worth the money.

Invest in dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo: (n) a beautiful creation designed to help people preserve their locks in a timely and effortless fashion. Buy some. Utilize it. Win.

Avoid bad weather.

This one is pretty obvious since everyone knows humidity is a selfish destroyer of beautiful hair. But unfortunately we cannot call off work or skip school for "humidity." What do you do? Try using a claw clip to twist and pin up your styled hair until you reach your destination. Once you do, Dani, Founder and Managing Editor of Meraki Lane, suggests you carry along a bottle of anti-humidity spray to add to your hair once you arrive.

Retouch the 'do when it starts to flatten.

While a few days of sleeping with your hair in a bun and following all of these tips may seem like enough, chances are you'll have to pull out your curler or blowdryer to pump a little life back into your hair. The beauty in this? You'll only have to touch up a few pieces and you'll look good as new.