7 Female Musicians You Need To Know

Nothing says girl-power like being able to rock it out to an all-chick playlist. But where to begin? Luckily for you, here at Spire&Co we also love ourselves a good all-girl playlist, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite artists – some better-known, and some up-and-coming – so you, too, can enjoy some lady tunes.  Krewella

Considering the current EDM craze, we couldn’t not include Krewella on this list. In a hugely male-dominated genre, Krewella kills it as a DJ. We’re all probably familiar with her hit “Alive,” which is like, the ultimate party jam, but definitely take a second to pop on Spotify to check out her other tunes like “Enjoy the Ride,” and “Human.”

Nyemiah Supreme

If rap is more of your thing, you’ve got to check out Nyemiah Supreme. Hugely supported by Timbaland, this woman can spit rhymes like you hear about. Between her songs about female empowerment and her ability to totally own it in such a male-dominated genre, we’re becoming total fans of Nyemiah Supreme.

Jessie Ware

Combining synthesizer and emotional lyrics, Jessie Ware is probably like, the coolest cat in town. Jessie comes from England and, fun fact, used to be a sports reporter for The Daily Mirror. Now she’s a total up-and-coming in the music scene and totally owning it with her song “Say You Love Me.”


Probably best-known for her cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” Birdie is killing it at only age 20. She has a really peaceful and elegant singing voice that is perfect for the acoustic covers lover. Check out her cover of “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight,” or her original song “Tee Shirt.”

Bethany Cosentino of the Best Coast

If upbeat indie music is more of your thing, the Best Coast is definitely for you. Led by frontwoman Bethany Cosentino, the Best Coast has a great California chill vibe that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. You may have heard Bethany rocking it out with her band in the song “Feeling Okay,” which is definitely one of our favorites.


Hailing from Malaysia, Yuna makes music that everyone needs to put on their good vibes playlist. Between her upbeat melodies, her sweet singing voice, and her positive lyrics, we challenge you to not be happy after listening to Yuna’s music. If you need an awesome girl-power, inspiration anthem, “Rescue” is definitely for you.

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir of Of Monsters and Men

Whether you’re a total indie chick, or a total top-40 diva, you’ve definitely heard Of Monsters and Men’s “Dirty Paws.” But who’s beautiful voice is that jamming along with the guys? That’s Nanna, and she’s got the such a beautiful voice. Check out the rest of Nanna’s and Of Monsters and Men’s music to hear even more tracks, some of which even feature her completely solo.