7 (Non-Food/Drink) Detoxes That Will Make You Feel Good

When the word detox is overheard the first conclusion you might jump to is that the person is talking about a new diet or a juice cleanse. What if there were detoxes that would help your mind and body feel better without having to eat something special or drink your greens? Would you try it? Lucky for you there are seven fantastic detoxes that have nothing to do with what you put in your body. Technology Detox

Technology addiction is a major issue that no one talks about. Our phones and computers are constantly connected to us. If we don’t have them in our hands or right in front of us, they’re within arms reach.  In fact if technology isn’t constantly in use there is a feeling of deprivation or anxiety. Instead of being on your phone, attached to the computer, or posted in front of the television this weekend, try a weekend without technology. Make a pact with your family, friends, or significant other to stay off of social media and your devices to have accountability. Instead play board games, go outside, or go on a day trip without a need to document it with your smart phone. Instead try finding a disposable camera to document your trip or weekend adventures so that you’re not tempted to bring out your phone.

Material Detox

One of the easiest obsessions in this age of materialism is the addiction to things. With Pinterest, Instagram, and our peers fueling our “need” for the newest pair of shoes or the latest trends to fill our closets, it’s easy to get caught up in what we want. This takes away from being thankful and appreciative for what we already have. Try taking a day to go through your wardrobe or room in general to get rid of the unnecessary “things” that take up too much room. Try selecting items you haven’t used in years, clothes that you bought because they were trendy but are instead collecting dust, or even makeup that has seen better days.

Skin Detox

Detoxing your skin can seem like a hassle because let’s be honest, the idea of going without makeup is a little intimidating. What we put on our faces every day and the environments we are a part of all contribute to clogged pores and pesky breakouts. Try a three day skin detox. This means not using any makeup including concealer and mascara. Do a total makeup cleanse. Help repair your skin by using a natural moisturizer in the morning and at night. To help open up your pores and clean them out, take the detox a step further and select two days out of the time frame that you have an extra 20 minutes to spare. During those twenty minutes, pour hot water in a large bowl. Using a towel, cover the top of your head while holding your face over the hot water. The steam will help to open your pores and help to clear out the toxins in your skin.

Hair Detox

We put our hair through a lot. We burn it, dry it out, and continue in the vicious cycle. This results in dry and brittle hair. Worst of all, it can result in split ends. Try reviving your hair by detoxing it to give yourself healthy locks again. Instead of blow drying it and straightening/curling it. Vow to let your hair air dry with no products for two weeks. This will allow your hair to repair and will begin to reverse the damage that has been done. To help add nutrients back into your hair, try a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. If you want to go a step further, invest in a detox shampoo such as a Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo.

Mind Detox

In a society where “busy” is glorified, it’s a rare occasion when your mind isn’t jumbled up with a list of to-do’s. One of the best ways to detox your mind is through meditation. Meditating is easier than you might think. And no worries, it’s not just for yogis. Set aside 5 minutes out of your day for meditation. Turn your phone on silent, turn off the television or radio, and if you need to, set the mood with tranquil music or even a scented candle. The music and candle help to aid in the relaxation. Cross your legs, place your hands on top of your knees holding the pointer fingers and thumbs in an “o” symbol, and close your eyes. Clear your mind of any thoughts. If you feel “busy” thoughts coming to the forefront of your mind, shake them off. Relax by taking in deep breathes and exhaling. At the end of the five minutes you should feel relaxed and a sense of clarity.

Sweat Detox

Exercise is good for you right? That should be enough to head to the gym or outdoors and get a good workout. On top of it being good for you, sweating, even for just a little bit each day can be an amazing detox. Sweating is a way for your body to get rid of toxins that we don’t need. Exercise not only helps to get rid of toxins in sweat, but also allows your body to increase circulation so that it can continue a healthy cycle. This also helps oxygen get to the necessary places in the body. If you’re feeling gloomy or out of sorts, try an hour gym session to help get the blood flowing and boost your system.

Relationship Detox

One of the hardest things to do is to detox from toxic people that may be in your life. These are people that may have been around since childhood or maybe a friend from the first week of college. Somehow they find the negative in everything and constantly make you feel bad about yourself. Maybe they only know how to get you in trouble whenever you’re together. Either way, you know that they’re bad for you. Detoxing from negative people is one of the most difficult parts of growing up but sometimes it’s necessary. Instead of completely separating yourself from that person/those people all at once, try discussing it with them first. They might not know that their negativity is so prevalent and may need to hear it from someone else. But if that doesn’t work, sometimes a friendship ending is better than being dragged down by someone who doesn’t support what you’re doing with your life.