7 Podcasts You Will Be Obsessed With



Internet radio is quickly gaining speed. Podcasts are a great way to keep up with the news, listen to stories, and kill time during a workout or roadtrip. I have recently started really getting into podcasts; in 1.5 months, I have listened to 338 episodes. So, here are some of this girl's favorite podcasts.

1. Generation Why

The hosts of this podcasts, Justin and Aaron, delve into the seedy world of disappearances, wrongful convictions, and murders. They not only find cases from the US, but are starting to branch out to cases across the Big Pond. The two banter back and forth, but it's all friendly and incredibly informative. Sometimes, you end an episode without a conclusion, which can be incredibly frustrating. But it'll leave you wanting more.

2. True Crime Garage

Okay, another true crime. Nic and The Captain like to discuss beer and crime. They lead off each episode with a beer recommendation and end each with a book recommendation. The hosts seem more aggressive than those of Generation Why, but their banter is just as informative.

3. Alice Isn't Dead

This is more of a narrative. With a calming female narrator, you follow this woman along a strange and twisty journey as she looks for her missing wife. Part 1 is available at the moment with 10 half hour episodes. Each episodes will leave you with more questions than answers. 4. Welcome to NightVale

Welcome to NightVale is made by the same people who made Alice Isn't Dead. This is another story, but it is made up of a compilation of news reports, radio communications, and emails. Get ready for the hair on the back of your neck to stand up on end. You won't know why, but you're gonna be thrilled and creeped out all at once. 5. The Black Tapes

The Black Tapes is for those who love the paranormal, but also are a bit skeptical. You will follow the team as they investigate a professional paranormal debunker. However, he can't seem to debunk one series of tapes, the black tapes, and you are going to be in for a crazy ride. Waiting a week in between new episodes will prove difficult after you have binged two seasons. 6. Lore

Lore is in a category all of its own. With own creator/narrator, Lore weaves stories about the past of humanity. Some are about murder, some are about lost colonies. You will never know what story you are going to get, but you will be interested and entertained until the very end. Lore captures a wide array of topics and fleshes out historical tales you may not have even heard of. 7. Serial

Serial is actually a pretty famous podcast. You may have heard about it in connection to the case of Adnan Syed, a wrongful conviction case. The second season follows the exact same vein, but with a new subject. Lady boss Sarah Koenig is not afraid to root for the underdog and really try to figure out how the justice system can fail some people so heinously. Follow her, and her team, as they try to correct some pretty huge mistakes.

You can find all of these podcasts, and plenty more, in many places. Stitcher is a great mobile app for nothing but podcasts. Spotify is also branching out to this territory. Specific podcasts usually have their own websites with more outlets and episodes. Happy listening!!