7 Products You're Using That Are Actually Really Unhealthy

Chances are, you probably don’t pay that much attention to what the back of labels tell you at the store. And if you do, you probably don’t really know what all of it means. What you do absolutely need to know, however, is that the front of the label doesn’t tell you everything you need to know: just because something looks okay, doesn’t mean it is. Here’s seven products you wouldn’t expect to be as bad for you as they are:

Room Fresheners

Yes, they make your space smell good, but at what cost? Turns out, you’re essentially suffocating yourself when you’re consistently using room fresheners. You know all those migraines you’ve been having? Here’s your culprit.

Nail Polish

You’ve heard it time and time again: Put on your polish in a well-ventilated area. There are just too many toxic fumes that could make you sick or slow down your attention and processing speeds. Instead, try to use a water-based polish.

Vitamin Water

How weird that something with the word “vitamin” in it could actually bad for you, but it’s true. A 20-ounce bottle of Vitamin Water largely exceeds your daily sugar allowance, putting you at a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

Energy Bars

When you eat an energy bar, most of the time it’s just like eating a candy bar. It also has enough calories for an entire meal but most people eat them as a casual snack in addition to three square meals a day. 

Salad Dressing

When you add salad dressing to your salad, you’re kinda (just kinda) ruining all of the healthiness that is a mixed bowl of veggies because there’s so much fat and calories. Obviously, a little bit of salad dressing is fine but make sure you’re not eating salad dressing with a side of salad.


Although you probably don’t think about it, there’s a lot of aluminum in most anti-perspirants. This is linked to breast cancer as biopsies show a way higher concentration of aluminum in the outer region of the breast compared to the inner region. Even worse? If you shave your armpits (which most of us do), you could be at an even greater risk.


Most of us justify slathering the ketchup on the fries with that fact that it’s a tomato product, but newsflash: You’re actually making your meal unhealthier. There’s so much High Fructose Corn Syrup and sugar in ketchup, you’re better off choosing another condiment.