7 Strong-Hold Uses For Hairspray

Hairspray is a total non-negotiable during the frizzy summer months, but did you know there are like nine zillion other ways you could use this everyday household product? Between putting the kibosh on fashion emergencies and enhancing your makeup routine 100 percent, hairspray proves it’s more than just your hair’s BFF during the hot and sticky summer. Here are our favorite and most mind-blowing ways to use hairspray:

Keep your shoes from slipping

If you’re a dancer you definitely already know this trick, but for everyone else: hairspray is going to save your life at prom/sorority formal/wedding/every single day of your high-heeled life.

Keep your brows on fleek

I mean sure we might be all about the brow gel, but what happens when you run out? Do you let your brows lose their fleekiness? No way, Jose. Just use some hairspray and call it a day. *Rhymes totally intended.*

Reduce static cling

Skirt season is the best, but that terrifying moment when the static makes it cling to your underwear definitely isn’t. Spray a teensy bit of hairspray on your hands and rub the inside of your skirt and you should be good to go. Pro tip: this actually works with lotion and body spray, too!

Stop runs in your tights

Nothing makes you look like a hot mess more than having a run in your tights, which is why it’s the universe’s sick way of torturing you that tights get runs so easily. If you find yourself in a pinch, a little spritz of hairspray should keep that sucker from growing bigger.

Remove lipstick stains

It’s a total grown-up move to be able to remove stains like a pro, so keep this one tucked in your arsenal. Especially helpful when you’re rocking that bold lip.

Remove pet (or your own) hair

We like to blame all the hairballs in the on our cats, but we all know it’s definitely coming from us. Get rid of all the embarrassing evidence by spraying hairspray onto a paper towel or rag and rub it over the dirty area.

Secure a sliding zipper

You’ll never have to fear the zipper of your dress mysteriously coming un-done again. Spray the zipper with a  little hairspray and it should stay put all night long.