7 Websites That Will Change Your Life

Up until recently, I felt as though I was constantly going to the same website and searching the same boring things on Google. But since I'm constantly doing the same things online all the time, I tend to forget how incredible the Internet can be. To define the Internet as "helpful" would be a complete understatement since it is so much more than that— in every way possible. It spreads knowledge, makes things timely and convenient, and even provides entertainment. For so long I had only used to the web to do 2 things— homework and online shopping (a terrible addiction).

While this is often the case for many people, the Internet is truly a life changing concept of which I have learned to take full advantage. Below are 7 of the most helpful websites I have come across for so many reasons. Check out the list below to find at least 1 site that will change your life in the near future.

Print Friendly

Save yourself the time of reformatting the websites you've copied and pasted into Word to print and the paper after choosing to "select all," "print" directly from the webpage (we've all been there and 90% of it ends up being ads). Simply "copy" and "paste" the URL into the appropriate space on the website and it will automatically generate a "Printer Friendly" version of the site for you. Talk about time saver...

Rainy Mood

If there is one thing I've learned from living in dorms at school it's that you can never have full control over noise. Music? TV? Video games? Partying? You name it... there is almost always something that can be blocked out and you can't always lock yourself away in the library when that happens. Rainy Mood will help you relax, block everything out, and get in the zone so you don't have to worry about being stressed from the amount of noise around you and work you have to get done.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

This site name literally says it all. Click the link above and watch as the timer counts down from 2 minutes. The one rule of the site? You cannot do anything while you're on it. Don't even think about it.

Blah Therapy

The amazing thing about this site is that it's absolutely free to talk to a stranger about something that is bothersome or stressful and they won't judge you. Don't feel comfortable talking to strangers? You can pay $25 for an online session to talk to a professional to coach you through any tough time. No matter what the scenario though— you'll never feel alone again.

Just Get Flux

This website will direct you to a "Download" link that is so worth it. F.lux is an app for your computer that "makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day" so that you don't strain your eyes. Don't believe me? Try it out! You'll automatically see a difference. Literally.

My Fridge Food

I am constantly staring into my refrigerator at the food I have, wondering what I can put together with the few ingredients left. My Fridge Food allows you to select the items you have to use and gives you recipe options and ideas to make! It's as easy as clicking the foods you have and waiting for them to make your dinner... or at least tell you what to make.

A Good Movie To Watch

If only I had found this site an hour earlier and my life would have been so much easier since it took me longer to choose a movie than it did to actually watch it. That being said, never search your night away on Netflix again. A Good Movie To Watch can give you a "Random Suggestion" or a suggestion from the "Best Films" or "All Suggestions" list with the click of a button. In a particular mood? They can generate one based on that too! Don't have Netflix? A Good Movie To Watch can give you suggestions from all video streaming websites, so don't you worry!

... You can thank me later!