9 Ways To Confidently Listen To Your Soul

Do you ever make a decision and then immediately after you’ve made it, you feel this rush of guilt and awfulness? You’ll most likely feel this huge pit in your heart or stomach if you aren’t listening to your soul. That being said, it is most definitely not easy to listen to your soul. With all the external pressures of the world, it is pretty easy to fall into the trap of listening to the noise around you telling you to make the “realistic” and “safe” choice with your career, relationships, and life.

Here’s the thing. You don’t want to feel that pit of emptiness. You may be able to ignore it for a while, but it will keep coming back, until you learn to listen to your soul.


A meditation practice is my favorite way to connect with my highest self. I can sit and focus on my breath, which helps me tune out the noise of fear and what’s “realistic” and "safe." It can be as simple as breathing in a positive word like, “love” and breathing out, “fear.” This practice helps me access my courage and faith in myself and the universe.

Take A Walk Alone

Whenever I am unsure of a decision, I take a walk outside without my phone. It helps me connect to my inner guidance system. There is something about moving my feet in nature that helps make my thoughts flow freely. It is mega important to keep your phone off. If you're one to get tempted to turn it on, keep it at home so you can make sure you're unplugged and connected to YOU.

Your Emotions Are Your GPS

No emotion is a “bad” emotion. When you’re feeling anxious, take this as a sign. Ask yourself, “Why am I anxious? Am I unhappy with what I’m currently doing?” Typically when we’re experiencing feelings of guilt, sadness, anxiety, etc. we have disconnected from our soul voice. These feelings are a gift that can help you make huge transformational changes in your life.

Eat Foods That Keep You Clear

Do you ever eat foods and then feel foggy? It’s harder to think straight when we’re feeling lethargic from a food hangover. When you eat foods that keep you clear, you will have easier access to your soul voice. Start to pay attention to which foods make you feel good.


Every morning, I free-write in my journal. We all have a critic within us that wants to edit and sensor what we do. When we free-write, we allow our stream of conscious thoughts to flow onto the page. It's great when you can leave your fears on the page. It's better to keep those fears in your notebook instead of carrying them with you in your everyday life. I highly recommend a free-write when you need to access your soul voice.

Ask YOURSELF: What Do I Want?

I frequently ask myself (out loud) as I look into my eyes, “What do YOU want to do?” It seems simple and cheesy, but we tend to put the things that make us happy on the backburner. The only way to listen to your soul is to do what you truly want to do, without worrying about the consequences. Instead of using the mirror to self-criticize, you can use it to access your truth. Look into your eyes. They are the windows into your soul!

Would You Do It Alone?

Frequently when I’m not sure if I want to do something, I ask myself, “Would you do this alone?” This gives me a good idea whether my soul truly wants to do something or if I am doing it to please other people.

Prioritize Sleep

It’s extremely difficult to access you soul and intuition when you’re sleep deprived. I know for me, when I don’t sleep enough, I make very impulsive decisions that typically lead to no good. My inner critic gets unbearably loud, which makes it even more challenging to hear my soul voice. It’s better to get a good night sleep so you don’t act on your fear voice with compulsive behaviors or negative habits.


When we exercise, we can access a strength and power within us that gives clear guidance. I know for me, exercise is a great way to beat my anxiety. When I’m anxious, I have irrational thoughts that block my soul voice from offering a better, higher perspective. Exercise helps tame my anxiety and reconnect me to my inner support system.

I wanted to leave you with a quote that will hopefully inspire you to listen to your soul voice:

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, and a sense of spiritual deadness.” - Shakti Gawain

We most definitely don't want to feel that way. Let's choose our soul voice to feel energized, inspired, and fulfilled!