A Valentine's Day Playlist for Love


Today is Valentine's Day! It's the day of love that comes around every February 14th, dividing the worlds' population into three categories: the romantics, the apathetics, and the party poopers. As one can assume, the party poopers are the clear anti-Valentine people. They think it's dumb to have a special day of love and are known for saying boring things like, "This is a day made up by greeting card companies to make more money," and "If you love someone, you shouldn't need a specific day to make that known." It's not their fault they're the rain clouds on this sunny day, but they have no place in your Valentine's celebrations.

The apathetic individuals just don't care. February 14th is another day to them. If a bouquet of flowers happens to show up at their desk, great, but they're not crying in the bathroom if it doesn't. They'll want to spend time with you on V-Day, but they're probably not even going to mention the holiday and they're certainly not going to go out of their way to do anything special for it. It's a day of love and they mostly think, "Eh, whatever."

Then there are the romantics. There's a wide range of the romantics, but it all boils down to their love for love. They embrace the idea of an extra special day to make someone feel extra loved. They're the ones planning the dates, buying the flowers, and doing the most on February 14th, whether they are single or not. They love love and they want to spread it. This is their day to shine.

This playlist of love is for everyone. People in every V-Day camp can fall in love and they probably want to listen to romantic music when they do. These are songs that make us feel those warm, fuzzy feelings. Turn up the playlist, grab someone you love, and spend the day making sure they know just how much you care.

A Valentine's Day Playlist for Love:

featured image by Immerse Yourself