Açaí : What's the Big Deal?

If you're a living, breathing human I'm sure you're well-aware of the açaí craze. It's splashed across grocery store shelves, billboards, and the front covers of health and fitness magazines. It's one of those health buzzwords that time and time again convinces us to buy whatever they're selling. Where does it come from?

Açaí actually comes from a palm tree called "the açaí palm." They look like little dark purple cranberries and grow mostly in warm climates like Central and South America.

What does it do?

In recent years, açaí has been named a 'super fruit' because it is full of antioxidants that promote heart health, bolsters your immune system, and aids in giving you healthy and glowing skin!

Where can I get my daily fix?

Açaí bowls are my favorite way to get this super fruit into my daily diet! They are really simple to make. Just blend a bunch of berries, bananas, açaí powder, almond milk, and ice together and then top off your bowl with shredded coconut, nuts (for a protein boost), homemade granola, and some honey (agave if you're vegan)! If you're not wanting to DIY the bowl, there are a bunch of juice bars and restaurants that offer this on their menus.

Is everything that contains açaí healthy?

Ok, I'm totally setting you up for a "duh" moment here, but the answer is of course not! Like I said before, açaí has been appropriated as nothing more than a buzzword in many cases to get you to purchase whatever product is being shilled out. The most common offenders of this are so-called "health drinks" like smoothies and juices that are actually really just über processed and jam-packed with unhealthy sugars and unnatural additives.

Go forth and conquer with a little help from your own delicious açaí creations!