How To Actually Get Work Done During Spring Break

This spring break I'm going to Miami and the thought of having to bring my laptop to apply for jobs and do school work is absolutely dreadful. So I promised myself I wasn't going to bring my computer. No laptop, no stress. Right? Wrong. Although I won't be bringing my laptop with me, I will be bringing my iPad— which is pretty much the same thing, just less bulky so I won't be trapped in the library doing my work, instead I can take it to go.

The beautiful thing about work these days is that (although just as tedious as ever), it's extremely  easy to bring on the go. Whether it's a book, a printed copy of a reading, an iPad to write a paper, or just a notebook, it's unfortunately very easy to take with you on spring break— even if you don't want to.

While I told myself I would let go of all stress this spring break, I also decided that, while relaxing, I would also be productive. In order to do so, here are the two things I'll do in order to make this happen:

Job Search by the Pool

No, I promise I will not be job searching every minute I am at the pool. But that's not to say I have not already decided that bringing my iPad to the pool to do some searching was a good idea— at least for 30 minutes each day. While I'm lying on my stomach tanning, I might as well be productive for some of it.

While I'll be spending about a half hour each day searching for jobs by the pool, those of you staying home can allot time to sit out on your decks/porches or in your hammocks to stay relaxed while doing very stressful career searching.

Read at the Beach

People read at the beach all the time, so reading something that's not quite as fun as The Vacationers or ELLE magazine could still be successful. At least that's what I convinced myself. Setting aside only 45 minutes every few days to get some reading done will help me to stay calm so I don't leave it all until last minute.

Not going to be at the beach? Take 45 minutes-an hour to read before bed every couple of nights. This way you won't leave it all until the last minute, but will also get your relaxation in.

Because every other day of my life has been spent stressing over all the things I have to do, I have vowed to only do the above while I'm away and not overwork myself. I mean, I deserve some time off, right? And you do too. Whether you are spending your spring break at home or traveling, try allotting a small amount of time to being productive. But, don't be afraid to spend a majority of your time having fun, relaxing, and enjoying your free time. You'll have plenty of time to be busy once the week is over.