What Should You Actually Splurge On?

Shopping is a fun thing to do on the weekends with friends for some and a sport that requires skills to navigate through sales and special offers for others. Either way, the thrill of shopping comes from finding things you love for a great price. It could be said that there is a science to knowing when and where to look for those special items on your list. No matter what level shopper you consider yourself, you are bound to come across an item that goes beyond the limits of your wallet that you feel you must have. As you continue to stare at the item in admiration, the item you thought would only ever bring you happiness soon brings thoughts of how you could ever spend so much on a single thing. Splurging can be a scary thought as it can lead to not having the money for later desires or needs; however, it also allows us to take ownership of something that will make us happy and exited to incorporate what we bought into our lives. This leads to the ultimate question: how do you decide whether or not to splurge? Though it can be a big decision, following the steps below can make the decision easier, and no matter what you decide, allow your head and your heart to be at peace.

Visualize it.

Visualizing yourself with the thing you want to splurge on can really help you see how you will feel if you were to purchase the item. Whether it be a purse that you can picture yourself toting around, or a pair of shoes that will help to carry yourself with confidence and poise, visualizing your day-to-day life will allow you to see how much of an impact your potential purchase will have.

Compare to other instances.

Finding something you want but that is way out of your budget is a scenario that you have probably experienced before. When deciding whether this is the time to splurge or not, take into consideration previous times that you found an item you wanted to splurge on, and compare the instances. If you did decide to splurge last time, what was the deciding factor? If you didn’t decide to splurge, what kept you from making the purchase? Think about these questions to come up with answers that will allow you to make a final decision. It may surprise you when you think back to previous shopping trips to find what kind of fulfillment you desired in a purchase.

Give it time.

Even though this may be the hardest thing to do, give your decision time! Often times you can find yourself making an impulse decision because you are caught up in the initial glow and impression of the item. Although these original feelings come about for a reason, they also can push you into buying without completely thinking the purchase through. Allowing time to pass, whether it’s an hour to visit other stores or a night to sleep on your thoughts, will help reassure your decision to buy or not to buy, giving you a peace of mind knowing that you made the decision that was best for you.