Our April Power Word

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I used to wonder if the welcome of springtime was only a joyous occasion for those of us in colder climates. After months of cooping up indoors, layering sweaters and fuzzy socks, and embracing all the cozy vibes (because really, what's our other option?), the first sign of bearable temperatures and tulips is a lightning rod's worth of energy. But how could that energy be the same in places where it's been warm all year round? 

After a weekend in Florida with my family who now call the sunshine state home, I learned that April is the same anywhere. In some ways, it's like any other month. It's filled with new chances, new opportunities, and new memories-in-the-making. But no matter where you're located, April forever stands for a newness that only the change in seasons can bring. And springtime. That's the brand ambassador for rebirth if I've ever seen one. 

When the world around us seems to be coming anew, that only means encouragement will be naturally amplified to start fresh ourselves. But we don't need to 180º. You don't need to reinvent yourself–you're already wonderful just as you are. 😘 We could all just use a little R&R: release and replace. 

Ask yourself: what is holding you back? 

Maybe it's a belief system that has convinced you that you are not worthy of some aspiration you've been secretly envisioning. Maybe there are people that are spewing toxic energy over your existence, hindering you from becoming more of who you are. Maybe it's the uncertainty of it all.

Whatever it may be, let's use this month of renewal to identify it and then release it. It has no place sticking around the present version of you.

But this isn't some practice of minimalism. Whatever you release will be filled by something else. Replace it with the good stuff. 

And that's where this month's Power Word comes in. 

embolden: (verb) give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way

This month, we want to challenge you to release what holds you back and replace it with what will move you forward. Let's make moves we've never dared before. Let's push beyond the boundaries of what we think we are capable of achieving, both physically and spiritually. In turn, we'll become greater expressions of who we are and what says rebirth more than that?

This may be a month of newness, but we don't think you need to become new yourself. Instead, we'll embolden you to become more of yourself. That sounds like a much easier task anyway. 

So the only question is, what will you embolden yourself to do? No matter if springtime has entered your hometown, you're waiting for its arrival, or it never left in the first place, a new month is filled with new chances, new opportunities, and new memories-in-the-making. Make it one that matters. Because after all, you matter. 

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What does the word "embolden" mean to you? Share with me in the comments!


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