5 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


At times it can feel as though Instagram is a total competition. A competition to see who is skinnier, happier, more stylish, and so forth. Why are we all trying to one up each other? What is the obsession with this app and why do we care how many likes we get on each photo? With a growing community that inhabited 700 million people in April of 2017, Instagram has quickly become the new-age way to show off one's life.

But what if we used this platform to promote the good? What if we reversed the obsession with this app? A select few men and women are doing just that, and it has created a movement within the Instagram world. At the moment #bodypositive has 3,218,576 posts linked to it, and just underneath it #bodypositivity has 1,024,096 posts linked to it. Here are some of the best body positive Instagram accounts to follow so you can become a part of this movement.

Ashley Graham, @theashleygraham

Ashley has become a pioneer in the world of body-based confidence. This woman is conquering the world of fashion, just published her first book, and is sure to inspire you with her #confident Instagram posts. She even has adapted her very own hashtag on her posts, #beautybeyondsize.

Brittnee Blair, @brittneecblair

Body Positive Instagram Accounts Brittnee Blair

With an Instagram bio that reads "unapologetically curvaceous" there is no hiding Brittnee's confidence. With a whopping 52.3k followers, Brittnee continues to use her large social media presence to inspire and promote healthy body image.

The Big Fashion Guy, @thebigfashionguy

This Instagram account is sure to make you smile. A self-described "Detroit gent" who not only can rock a vest but can rock body positivity, Michael-Anthony spearheaded this movement that men can be fashionable and more importantly #confident.

Bo Stanley, @bostanley

Body Positive Instagram Accounts Bo Stanley

While Bo is a professional surfer and athlete, she has also gained a strong following on Instagram thanks to being a self-proclaimed "body activist." Bo posts not only about her career, but also about her #bodylove while encouraging her followers to do the same.

Iskra Lawrence,@iskra

With her 3.6 million friends on Instagram, Iskra promotes her body confidence through campaigning for Aerie in untouched advertisements. Iskra is a role model for plenty of young women and single-handedly started the conversation that made retailers reconsider what they should be putting in the hands of their consumers. Iskra, in conjunction with Aerie, created one of the very first untouched underwear advertisement campaigns leading her to gain immense amounts of followers and respect from women all around the world. Yay for #noretouching!

featured image by Huffington Post