Essentials to Include in Your Breakfast to Keep You Energized All Day

photo via  Anthropologie

photo via Anthropologie

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, and for a good reason — it’s the first chance to feed your body the energy you need to get through the day. As such, not just any breakfast will do, nor will the option of skipping your first bite of food in the morning. Instead, try one of the following six breakfast components, proven to kick-start your day on a filling, energizing note.

1. Eggs

There’s a reason why eggs are synonymous with breakfast. They contain a wealth of protein, which is a long-lasting source of energy for your body. Unlike carbohydrates, which provide a quick spike, proteins take longer to break down, thus creating a steadier supply of power. Plus, eggs contain vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A and zinc. So, scramble, fry or hard-boil them and enjoy.

2. Greek Yogurt

There’s no grab-and-go breakfast quite as complete as Greek yogurt. Like eggs, Greek yogurt contains a hearty amount of protein to charge you up in the morning. Plus, you’ll strengthen your body with bone-bettering calcium with each serving. Just make sure to pick one that’s not touted as low-fat, since those tend to contain higher amounts of sugar, which will spike your energy levels — but lead to a quick crash.

3. Water

Water shouldn’t be the only element of your breakfast, but it should always be part of your morning spread. After sleeping for several hours, your body is in need of a dose of hydration — and, since dehydration makes you feel lethargic, these sips can instantly energize you. Plus, a glass of water first thing can boost your digestion and fire up your metabolism, two great bonuses to an already advisable habit.

4. Whole Grain Bread

Not all toasts are created equal. White bread — as well as other simple carbs such as cereal, pastries and bagels — give you a quick sugary energy boost before causing you to crash and crave more carbs later. Whole grains take longer to break down so they, like protein, provide a more sustainable and stable source of energy. In fact, you can make an even more energizing breakfast by topping your slice of whole grain bread with an egg.

5. Oatmeal

Much like whole grain bread, oatmeal contains more complex carbohydrates that create a constant flow of energy as they metabolize. A warm bowl in the morning can also prevent some of the sentiments that strip you of your power throughout the day — namely, stress. That’s because oats amp up the production of serotonin, which helps your brain de-stress. If that’s not enough, oatmeal is also one of the most eco-friendly products you can eat for breakfast, so you can feel even better about how energized you are.

6. Leafy Greens

They might not seem to be a breakfast food, but adding leafy greens to your morning menu can flood your body with the nutrients and energy it craves. Get creative with ingredients like spinach, kale and chard — blending them into smoothies or scrambling them with your eggs can give you an added dose of nutrition first thing in the a.m.

Up Early and Energized

These six essentials will start your day on the right foot and keep you there, no matter what lies ahead. So, give your body the healthy energy it needs and see how you flourish — we promise, you’ll quickly understand why breakfast is so essential to your health.

What are your secrets to staying energized all day long? Share with me in the comments!


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