Wallet-Friendly Date Night Ideas


Whether you have been in a relationship for years, months, or you have just been dating around recently, the idea of a date night can often be daunting for both your sanity and your wallet. Thoughts such as where to go? What to do? And how much is this going to cost me? may race through your mind. It's time to leave the stress behind and check out some of these non-cliché and cheap date ideas.

For The Introverted Couple

A DIY Movie Night: This date can be sweet, endearing, and best of all, fairly inexpensive. By grabbing a few DVDs or digital downloads, and taking a trip to a dollar store for some feel-good movie theater candy, you can mimic a $30 date night for $10 or less. This is an fantastic idea for couples who enjoy staying in but if the weather permits, you could even bring a laptop outside and have a movie night in your own backyard!

For The Extroverted Couple

A Cooking Class: Sur La Table features cooking classes both in-person and online for couples in dozens of locations across the nation. You can choose the style of cooking that you and your beau/gal would enjoy cooking and you can even register online! The prices for the classes start at $30 per person and each class is 2-3 hours long.

For The Simplistic Couple

Craft Night: A personal favorite memory I have with my boyfriend is when we picked up some cheap paints and clearance canvas boards and painted each other signs that featured a sweet message on them. This entire date cost about $15. I still have our paintings and they still make me smile. It's not always about super expensive dates, sometimes a simple crafting night can be romantic all while helping you and your loved one de-stress and relax. You can check out even more simple and calming craft ideas here.

For The Hopeless Romantics

A trip down memory lane: A super easy and extremely romantic date night can be planning a day around your relationship thus far. You can stop by the spot you had your first date, sample foods and drinks from memorable experiences in the past (i.e., shakes from a burger joint where you had your first kiss or popcorn in memory of your first movie together), and make a day out of some of your best memories. This can be a completely free day depending on how creative you can be!


featured image by June Bug Weddings