Coffee Alternatives To Transform Your Morning

“Coffee-coffee-coffee!”, as Lorelai Gilmore would say, can feel like a savior in those early mornings. Especially when you’re up late at night, whether it’d be cramming for a test or just catching up with friends, the struggle can be real the morning after. Though coffee may feel like the best fix, it can also make you feel even more drained. Therefore, are there better ways to feel energized in the morning and not have that caffeine crash a few hours later. Some of these drinks below can be great alternatives to help you feel rejuvenated.

Masala Chai

If you can’t function without that caffeine fix, masala chai which translates to spiced tea is a great option. It’s made with many different spices such cardamom, ginger, cloves and black tea leaves. Cardamom’s a great mood elevator as well as ginger, they even help increase your serotonin levels. Plus, the black tea still has that bit of caffeine that you might be so used to. Top off the tea with some ground cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a good morning.

Raw Cacao

Chocolate taste without the guilt. You may have heard people talk about the benefits of raw cacao all the time, so what’s so great about it? Cacao contains a lot of antioxidants and minerals, the unique properties can help increase your focus and alertness. So get yourself some raw cacao powder and almond milk to make a cacao latte. If you want a kick, add a dash of cayenne pepper to your drink, it’s supposed to go really well with cacao and that’ll definitely get your day going.

Yerba Mate

If you’ve ever seen episodes of Mozart in the Jungle, you’ll know mate tea is Gael Garcia Bernal’s character’s choice of drink in the morning. So what is Yerba mate? It’s a popular drink of choice in South America. It does contain caffeine, however it’ll give you that coffee buzz but without the jitters and caffeine crash. But if offers so much more, the tea is packed with antioxidants and minerals to benefit your overall health. Give it a try and you may have just found your new morning drink.