How To Confront Someone & Not Feel Bad

Do you brush issues you're having with people "under the rug" instead of confronting them? I used to believe confrontation was "bad" or "mean." I learned over time that if I continued to run away from healthy confrontation, I was doomed to eventually word vomit all over the place, hurting myself and the people around me. We must be open and honest with our needs. Before you confront someone, get clear on what it is you want to communicate. Healthy confrontation is never about winning or hurting the other person. It is about being honest with the hopes of addressing and amending what is not working within the relationship.

Be prepared to be faced with resistance. Always keep in mind that when a person being confronted is reactive or defensive, you have nothing to do with that. You are most likely shining a light on something that triggers insecurity in the person. All you need to worry about is doing YOUR part. Be direct, authentic, and clear. This is important, as when we are uncomfortable confronting others, we like to beat around the bush.

Let go of the idea that  "confrontation is bad." It is crucial to building positive relationships.