Our May Power Word


Have you ever had one of those euphoric moments where you are so overcome with gratitude that you mentally pause the world around you and think to yourself, wow, life is good. It’s those moments in life where things look or feel picture perfect. It’s that first warm Saturday in the spring. It’s that get together with all of the people you love. It’s that random act of kindness that you do for someone else. It’s looking outside your window and hearing the birds chirp or the rain fall. We see it in movies, typically at the end. You know, the moment where the rest of the setting seems to blur or silence, and they zoom in on the main character whose facial expression confirms that everyone is going to live happily ever after. And when we have those moments in real life, it can feel like we are going to get our happily ever after, too.

If you ask me, I think that is our first taste of consciousness. Of course consciousness isn’t just recognizing the good stuff, but when you need an intro class to what it means to be in the moment, joyous celebration is lesson one.

The funny thing is when we thought about our power word for this month, I don’t remember consciously choosing the word “consciousness.” It was as if it was always in my mind and somehow just a written rule that the May 2017 power word would be consciousness. So if that doesn’t exemplify that I have a lot to learn about our power word, I don’t know what will.

But somehow, the word picked the month. I didn’t know at the time why that word would mean something, but with every person I told, they exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I NEED that right now.”

It got me thinking. We all crave to check off these boxes of what we believe will get us to our best selves. To get to that euphoric moment that the movies and entertainment have illuminated for us since birth. We want that Elle Woods moment where she’s tossing her cap, exclaiming, “We did it!!” and basking in her glory of a positive personal evolution. But sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in checking off the boxes, that we forget the meaning of those boxes and the end goal itself. The reality is, Elle could never be who she was at the end of the movie were it not for the aha movement when she was realized that her personal value could only be defined by herself. That’s consciousness.

They say life isn’t like the movies. And I agree. We may not have that singular aha moment or that life altering experience that transforms our existence as we know it. Maybe in the real world it’s a collection of moments that together reshape our lives. While we cannot dictate exactly what monumental occurrences will arise, we can make mindful choices that will move us towards the life shift we are hoping will take place and take note of the lessons that our lives present. Consciousness is choosing to be an active participant in decision making, rather than simply checking off the boxes of everyday life. That way, we can choose to enjoy the present while keeping a sharp eye on the future, ever evolving along the way.

This month, we are cracking the code on consciousness. How can we embrace the messiness of our 20s and use it to learn the big lessons? Can we alleviate the pressure to do it all? What can we actually do to cultivate motivation? Does inspiration come from aha moments or actions? Is it possible to fall in love with fitness even if you prefer the couch? Is there a spiritual practice for everyone?

The Spire & Co team will be tackling these questions and many more. We are taking control of the driver’s seat and encouraging you to do the same. Let’s wake up to the activity of everyday life. Let’s feel alive in the process.