This Is How Powerhouses Define Their Values

Do you ever feel like you say you really value self-care, but you find yourself repeatedly running around sleep deprived, overworked, and burnt out? Let’s be real…we’ve all been guilty of saying one thing, and doing another. Cassandra Bodzak, a light-filled spiritual mentor, shares expert advice to help us really “walk our talk.” Cassandra’s main mission is to help others, as she says, “live a life that lights them up.” With her soothing energy and serene spirit, it is very clear that her mission starts with being the living example. Cassandra puts her spiritual practice, her self-care rituals, and her healthy plant-based cooking, first.

Cassandra breaks down the importance of knowing our values and making choices that align with those values.

When she takes time for self care, she says, “I can show up and be a better person for everyone I interact with.” When she eats foods that make her body happy, she says, “I have sustained energy to do what I want to do in the world.” When she prioritizes her spiritual practice over her to-do-list, she says, “I more easily listen to my intuition and end up being more productive.”

So how does an entrepreneur like her manage to keep her values first, when life speeds up and presents itself with various opportunities? Cassandra explained, “my father told me from a very young age that decisions are easy when values are clear.” Cassandra learned that self-care is at a higher rank in her values list than socializing. Cassandra says, “If I do something that isn’t aligned with my values, I will feel a lot of inner resistance.” So, she will happily leave an evening event early to get home for her nightly bubble bath. She doesn’t worry about what anyone else thinks about her choice, because she has come to fully accept and love herself and her values.

I asked her, so how can we better make these choices in the moment?

She says, “Ask yourself: What is most important to me?” I went on to say, well what if we find our social lives are more important to us than our self-care, even if we want it to be the other way around? She says, “you have to love and accept yourself where you are right now. You’ll get where you’ll get when you’re meant to be there.” She says, “people that tend to break their values often tend to go too extreme, by diving in too aggressively.”

In the moments you are wondering what decisions to make, just take a moment to remember that the only person who know what’s best for you is YOU! When we get clear on our values, we can trust in our power that lies within.