How To Create The Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Be honest, you’ve had smoothie bowl envy ever since you saw that brightly colored bowl of deliciousness in your Instagram feed. Those vivid, perfectly proportioned bowls are a work of art. Surprise, surprise; you can easily make your own with a few simple ingredients and the following steps. You’ll need:

  • A white or neutral colored bowl
  • A blender (for obvious reasons)
  • Desired fruits and vegetables (pro tip: try acai for a beautiful magenta color)
  • Three to four toppings to proportionally sprinkle across the top of the smoothie bowl
  • Ice
  • Juice, milk, or coconut water


Measure out your ingredients and place them in the blender (unplugged of course.) During this step, make sure you have at least a cup of fruit. For a more colorful smoothie bowl opt for berries or more specifically acai (this can be purchased in frozen packets at most health food stores.) Add in the ice and the juice, milk, or coconut water for consistency. This should be measured out to ½ a cup to ¾ of a cup depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be. Now place the lid on the blender and plug in before the next step.


The most important part of the smoothie bowl process is to make sure your smoothie is completely blended. Once you blend until the mixture is perceived to be smooth, turn off the blender and mix with a spoon. Run the blender one more time just to make sure all of the frozen bits and pieces are taken care of.


After choosing your bowl, pour the mixture in evenly until the bowl is ¾ of the way full. To get a picture perfect smoothie bowl, try to keep the smoothie off the edges by pouring slowly.


Once you’ve poured your smoothie mixture into the bowl, gather your toppings. These can be chopped fruits, nuts, goji berries, coconut, or anything else delicious you wish to add as a topping. Arrange the toppings in a linear fashion across the top of the smoothie bowl until the top of the bowl is covered or until a small portion of the smoothie is left showing.

Snap and Enjoy

Because one of the best things about making the perfect smoothie bowl is bragging rights, snap a quick picture, slap on a filter, and upload it to Instagram. Now grab a spoon and dig in! Congratulations on making a perfect first smoothie bowl!